Two-Day Tashkent City Tour

Old City, Chorsu Bazaar, Tashkent Metro, Amir Timur Square, Minor Mosque etc.
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Tashkent is a vibrant, growing city that can be sadly overlooked by tourists eager to see the famed ruins of Samarkand and Bukhara, yet this bustling, ordered city holds treasures of its own that are well worth attention. Both ancient discoveries and 20th century masterpieces can be found amidst modern shopping malls, international cafes and comfortable guest houses, providing travelers with a welcome reprieve from desert wanderings in less-developed areas.
On the 2-day Tashkent City Tour, an experienced local guide will accompany you to over 2 dozen significant sites in the city, including three museums, ancient ruins, and a bazaar and arts center where souvenirs can be found in abundance. This tour also includes fascinating glimpses into the city’s 20th century history, including the 1966 earthquake memorial, a memorial for victims of political oppression, a Roman Catholic cathedral and the famed Independence Square.


A guide and driver will pick you up from the hotel to begin your city tour of Tashkent. Your private tour will include:
  • Excursion to the Old City, including the architectural complex Khazret-Imam, which holds the oldest known Quran in the world. Also on site are the ancient Madrasah of Barak-Khan (16th century), Tillya-Sheykh Mosque, Juma Mosque and Mausoleum of Saint Abu Bakr Kaffal Shashi (15th century);
  • Visit to Chorsu Bazaar, Tashkent’s most well-established bazaar that includes a large selection of traditional Uzbek ceramics, jewelry, handbags, garments and more;
  • Ride on the Tashkent Metro, an immaculate subway system with each station decorated in colored mosaics and ceramics to depict a specific theme;
  • Walk through Amir Timur Square, with a massive statue of none other than Tamerlane himself at the center;
  • Independence Square, including the moving Mourning Mother Monument and the Eternal Flame, burning continuously in memory of more than half a million Uzbek soldiers who died during World War II;
  • Drive to the Sacred Heart Cathedral, a 20th-century Roman Catholic Church with beautiful stained-glass windows and Gothic-style architecture;
  • Tour of the Uzbekistan History Museum, a four-story museum with over a quarter million exhibits.
Tour duration: approximately 5 hours
Continue the city tour of Tashkent to the following:
  • Minor White Mosque, a striking new mosque on the banks of the Ankhor Channel;
  • Memorial to the Victims of Repression, including both a memorial complex and The Museum of Victims of Political Oppression;
  • Monument of Courage, built at the epicenter of the devastating 1966 Tashkent earthquake;
  • Ming Urik settlement, a stratified archaeological site holding 2000 years of history in the middle of Tashkent city;
  • Museum of Applied Arts, with displays divided into three historical eras to provide a great overview of the country’s signature artistic styles;
  • Center of Applied Arts at Abdul Kasim Madrassah (19th century), where visitors can watch traditional craftsmen at work and purchase handmade gifts.
Tour duration: approximately 4 hours

Price includes:

  • Private, local guide
  • Entrance fees to the sights as per itinerary
  • Transport throughout the city tour

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