Uzbekistan Adventure Tours

Hiking, horseback tours, camel trips and cycling in Uzbekistan has compiled a list of travel opportunities in Uzbekistan for soft adventure tours, trekking expeditions, horseback tours, camel trips and extreme tours in the mountains and deserts of Uzbekistan. Click on the tour name to view a detailed itinerary of the tour package.

Driving North-East out of Tashkent, splendid white mountain tops glitter under the blue skies - the Western flanks of the Tien-Shan. You will be heading towards high-mountain passes, alpine pastures, savage gorges and river rapids that are difficult to access and have been for years an attraction for travelers from all over the world.

Juniper woods, blossoming mountain meadows with slim Eremuruses, Cherry-plum and hawthorn, wild apple trees and mountain cherry, dog-rose, yellow ferules, tulips and blackberry bushes wind along the river banks.
Pulatkhan plateau, with its grandiose 1.5 kilometer ledge, plunges into the Tereklisay gorge. A wild place steeped in mystery, legends and folk beliefs.

The peaks of Karakush (3864 m), Aksham (3789 m), Babaytag (3555 m), and Big Chimgan (3309 m) appear intimidating and inviting.

Muynak Day Trip Tour
from US$ 113
1 Day | April-October | Nukus, Muynak, Mizdakhan, Gyaur Kala
Muynak was once a thriving city on the banks of the Aral Sea, but now that the Aral Sea has dried up through the depletion of its waters, inhabitants of this town struggle to survive in one of the most forgotten corners of Central Asia. The Muynak Day Trip Tour is a great full-day tour option for travelers who want to see the Aral Sea’s graveyard of ships without having to haggle with taxi drivers and arrange their own transportation there and back.

Two-day Aral Sea Tour
from US$ 299
2 Days | Spring, summer, autumn | Muynak, Ustyurt Plateau, Aral Sea, Kurgancha Kala, Sudochie lake, Kungrad, Mizdakhan, Gyaur-Kala

The unfortunate history of the Aral Sea becomes reality in Karakalpakstan, an autonomous republic in western Uzbekistan that’s home to a plethora of monuments, diverse desert landscapes and the rich cultural heritage of the Karakalpak people. The Aral Sea Tour packs a combination of historical, architectural, natural and cultural stops and is designed for adventurers, historical enthusiasts and fans of exotic photography.

Chimgan and Charvak Day Tour
1 Day | Spring, summer, autumn | Chimgan, Charvak
The Chimgan and Charvak Day Tour is a refreshing detour from city life into the wildly popular Chimgan Resort in Uzbekistan’s Ugam-Chatkal National Park. Spend the day among gently sloping peaks, mountain villages and the pristine waters of Charvak Lake, and you’ll quickly understand why this spot is a local favorite.

Aydarkul Lake 2-Day Tour
from US$ 180
2 Days | April-October | Aydarkul Lake, Nurata, Sarmish, Gijduvan
The Aydarkul Lake 2-Day Tour takes you into the Kyzylkum Desert to ride camels, swim in Aydarkul Lake, hear folk songs around a campfire and overnight in a traditional yurt. Along the way you’ll stop to explore a remote collection of petroglyphs at Sarmish, see a little-visited mosque and fortress in Nurata and shop for Uzbekistan’s famed ceramics in Gijduvan as the masters themselves teach you about the craft.

Desert Yurts and Mountain Villages Tour
from US$ 265
3 Days | April - October | Aydarkul Lake, Nurata, Sarmish, Gijduvan
The Desert Yurts and Mountain Villages Tour is a truly unique chance to witness the life of local villagers in the peaceful Nurata Mountains. In between camping in yurts, swimming in the cool waters of Aydarkul Lake and overnighting with a local village family, this tour will take you to the petroglyphs of Sarmish, a ceramic workshop in Gijduvan and the quiet streets of remote mountain enclaves, an ideal three-day getaway from the bustle of city life.

Hazrat Daud Cave Tour (from Samarkand)
1 Day | April-October | Hazrat Daud Cave, Aksay Village
Hazrat Daud Cave Tour is a memorable half-day jaunt from Samarkand to a favorite local hideaway rarely visited by foreign tourists. Drive into the mountains for a hike or donkey ride up 1300 stairs to visit Hazrat Daud Cave (King David’s Cave), impressive for its depth and legendary ties to this prophet of old.

Boysun Wellness Tour
from US$ 140
2 Days | April-May, September | Boysun village, Derbent Canyon, Xo’ja Mayxona Spring, Kyzyl Canyon, Boysun Forest, Padang village, Omonkhona Health Resort
Boysun Wellness Tour is a 2-day getaway into one of the most gorgeous regions of Uzbekistan. Your tour will include cultural workshops in Boysun village, light hiking in Derbent Canyon, a picnic near a mountain spring and a visit to Omonkhona Health Resort, renowned for its natural mineral waters.

Mountain Village Hiking and Yurt Camp Tour
2 Days | from mid of April until mid of October | Nuratau Mountains, Aydarkul lake
The Mountain village hiking and Yurt camp tour is a great opportunity to add a journey to nature to your transfer from Samarkand to Tashkent. These two days, spent in nature, will enable you to rest and look closer at the life of Uzbekistan. This tour is ideal for travelers who love natural beauty and privacy.