Extension Tours to Neighboring Countries (from Uzbekistan)

Tours to Neighboring Countries bfrom Uzbekistan

Each country in Central Asia is diverse in its individual history, natural beauty and local culture. Many travelers who come to Uzbekistan also express a desire to see some of the surrounding territory so as to take full advantage of their time abroad. Our Extension Tours to Neighboring Countries (from Uzbekistan) are a popular Central Asia tour option with travelers who want to expand their Silk Road experience yet may be short on time or resources.

How it works: These tours are short, 2-3 day excursions that can easily be added to the beginning or end of your escorted tour of Uzbekistan, or included as a mini-tour experience in your independent travels. On an extension tour, you’ll be provided with transport to and from the Uzbekistan border, overnight accommodation and a driver and English-speaking guide for your entire time in the neighboring country.  Extension tours to neighboring countries are flexible and convenient, a budget-friendly option with a minimal time commitment that will expand your horizons and enhance your vacation. 

2-Day Turkestan and Otrar Tour (from Tashkent) 2-Day Turkestan and Otrar Tour (from Tashkent)
from US$ 390
2 Days | All year round | Otrar, Turkestan
Turkestan is the most revered pilgrimage site in Kazakhstan, with a medieval mausoleum equivalent in size to Samarkand’s Bib Khanum Mosque, while Otrar and Sayram are some of the oldest cities in Central Asia whose ruins will transport you back in time. The 2-Day Turkestan and Otrar Tour is a convenient and well-planned extension tour from Tashkent into some of South Kazakhstan’s most historically fascinating cities – Sayram, Otrar, Arslanbob and Turkestan.

Khujand Day Tour (from Tashkent) Khujand Day Tour (from Tashkent)
1 Day | March to October | Khujand Fortress, Historical Museum of Sughd, Panjshanbe Bazaar, Somoni Park
The Khujand Day Tour is an optimal way to experience historical Tajikistan during your Uzbekistan travels. From Tashkent, you’ll be escorted to the Tajikistan border and met upon crossing for a guided tour of Khujand, a city dotted with relics of bygone eras and home to the country’s most colorful, memorable bazaar.

One-day Tour to Penjikent from Samarkand One-day Tour to Penjikent from Samarkand
1 Day | All year round | Sarazm, Republican Museum of History, Olim Dodkhoh Madrasah, Panjakent Bazaar, Ancient Penjikent
One-day tour to Penjikent from Samarkand bridges the gap between Uzbekistan’s flamboyant Samarkand and Tajikistan’s quietly impressive Penjikent, separated by a short distance and an international border. Aided by our knowledgeable guides and drivers, you’ll travel from Samarkand into Tajikistan for a private tour of Sarazm and historical Penjikent (Panjakent).

Penjikent and Seven Lakes Tour (from Samarkand) Penjikent and Seven Lakes Tour (from Samarkand)
2 Days | April-October | Seven Lakes, Sarazm, Penjikent (Panjakent)
Penjikent and Seven Lakes Tour is your ticket to wander the windswept ruins of Sarazm, picnic in the Fann Mountains near the pearly Seven Lakes and get a taste of life in small-town Penjikent (Panjakent), Tajikistan. Conveniently arranged to start and end at your Samarkand hotel, this 2-day tour is packed with the best that Tajikistan’s western border has to offer.

Two-day Darvaza Gas Crater Tour from Khiva Darvaza Gas Crater Tour from Khiva
2 Days | Spring, summer, autumn | Kunya-Urgench, Darvaza Gas Crater
Turkmenistan’s ‘Gates of Hell’, a.k.a. the Darvaza Gas Craters, is one of Central Asia’s rarest sites, and this burning natural gas reservoir leaves an unforgettable impression upon all who see their flames in the lonely Karakum Desert. The Darvaza Overnight Tour will take you to the very mouth of the ‘Door to Hell’ itself and give you a hands-on glimpse into the historical backdrop of Kunya-Urgench, all with the help of a knowledgeable guide and experienced drivers.