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Azerbaijan travel guide

Azerbaijan - an amazing and unique country located at the crossroads of two continents - Europe and Asia, and it leaves its imprint on everything that You can see there.

Azerbaijan - it is one of the few places where You can seethe remains of the cult of fire and the ancient religion of Zoroastrianism. Also in these places, which so attracted worshipers, and where the oil is seeping out of the land, and natural gas breaks out with flaming torches there is a unique opportunity to trace the development of industrial oil and gas production from the first half of the XIX century, and learn how Baku oil tycoon Alfred Nobel created his fortune, and which was the basis of the Nobel Prize award found.

Occupying a relatively small territory, Azerbaijan is in unique natural features, representing the nine climatic zones: from subtropical to high alpine meadows!

Azerbaijan flagWelcome to Azerbaijan!
Dear visitor, have you ever been to Azerbaijan? If so, you for sure have warm and vivid memories and wish to visit this wonderful country again. If not, you certainly need to it first hand.

We invite you and your friends to visit Azerbaijan and its capital, Baku! Get in touch with past centuries and their architectural monuments; relax in luxurious resorts with sandy beaches; stroll through flowery meadows, plunge into the sky-blue sea, hike up a mountaintop through lush forests.

Azerbaijan State emblemAll in Azerbaijan! 
If you have decided to head for Azerbaijan, we will show the highlights of the county's activities and sights, so you can make wise decisions before leaving on your travels.
We will describe the resorts of Azerbaijan, as well as respectable and inexpensive hotels where you can make the most of your vacation, find souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones, and enjoy the national cuisine. On our site, discover the wonders of Azerbaijan! 
The resorts of Azerbaijan await you!

Welcome to Azerbaijan!

Azerbaijan at a glance

Area: 86,600 sq km; 11.5% forests, 1.6% water, 50% agricultural land, 27% pasture, and 36.9% other. The country is situated at 44o and 52' East longitude, and 38o and 42' North latitude; Baku lies right on the 40th parallel.

Population: 9 590 159 (2013). 
Capital od Azerbaijan: Baku 
The President of the Azerbaijan Republic: Ilham Aliyev 
Major languages: Azeri is the official language. Other languages: Russian, Georgian, and Lezghi. Russian and Turkish are widely spoken. 
Religion: Majority of the population is Muslim. Other religions include Orthodox Christianity, Catholicism, Protestantism, and Judaism. 
Time Zone: GMT + 4 hours 
Azerbaijan currency: Manat (1 Manat = 100 Quapik) 
Domain: .az 
International dialing code: +994 
Entry formalities: Valid passport is required. Entry visa required by all. Entry visa may be obtained upon arrival at Baku Airport. 
Electric current: Voltage is 220V, 50 Hz.

Azerbaijan ManatCurrency 
The National currency of Azerbaijan is the Azeri Manat (AZM). Foreign currency and travelers cheques can be exchanged for Azeri Manat in all banks. In addition, currency can be exchanged at all official exchange points, which can be found everywhere. It is necessary to keep receipts of all exchanges until departure from the country. Those who change currency with unauthorized individuals take the risk of becoming a victim of scams and fraud, and carry full responsibility for possible abuses.

Credit cards
As a rule, it is possible to pay by credit card in most hotels. However, we recommended confirming in advance the acceptance of credit cards. Cash machines (ATM) are located in the most important business centers, shopping malls, and underground stations.;

National holidays
New Year January 1
International Women's Day March 8
Novruz Bayram (Central Asian New Year) March 20-21
Victory Day (WWII) May 9
Independence Day May 28
Day of National Rescue June 15
Armed Forces Day June 26
Day of State Independence October 18
Constitution Day November 12
Day of National Revival November 17
Day of Worldwide Solidarity of Azeri People December 31
Religious holidays
Ramazan Bayram (Ramadan)  
Gurban Bayram  
Memorial days
Day of the Shehids January 20
Day of Khojali February 26
Genocide of Azerbaijanis March 31