Tours to Uzbekistan from India

Tours to Uzbekistan from India

Uzbekistan and India have had strong trade and cultural ties for thousands of years, created thanks to the Great Silk Road. Today in Bukhara you can visit the Trade domes where merchants from India once traded, in Samarkand there is the mausoleum of Gur-Emir, whose architecture inspired the creators of the Taj Mahal, in Tashkent there is a monument to Lal Bahadur Shastri, who died here, and in Andijan Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur was born, who built on the territory of India's Mughal Empire.

Going on a tour of Uzbekistan from India, you will discover all these connections, but also see the amazing differences of ancient cultures. Thanks to convenient and fast flights, you will not notice the time difference, and the climate will be hotter, but dry, and it can be easier to tolerate. During the trip, you will learn all about the history and culture of Uzbekistan, get acquainted with hospitality and Uzbek cuisine, which is strikingly different from Indian dishes.

Top 4 must visit cities during the Uzbekistan tour from India

Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Samarkand is an ancient city, with monumental madrassas, mosques and mausoleums that inspired architects in Babur's Empire.
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Tashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan. This city embodies all the modern achievements of the country, and at the same time reflects many epochs of its history.
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Bukhara is a sacred city. One of the oldest cities in Uzbekistan, which has a huge number of monuments and shops with the works of local craftsmen.
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Khiva is a fortress city and a museum city. Dozens of monuments are located inside the huge clay fortress, and all the streets and houses are made in the old style.

Top 4 UNESCO sites and Silk Road architecture to discover in the Uzbekistan tour from India

Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Historic Centre of Bukhara – this is a collection of various monuments of Islamic culture created in the period from the X to the XVII century. Some of them survived even after the invasion of Genghis Khan's army!
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Ichan Kala in Khiva is a wonderful example of an oriental city with clay houses, magnificent palaces, high minarets and a powerful fortress wall up to 10 meters high.
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Samarkand – Crossroad of Cultures. As the Taj Mahal is famous in India, so the Registan ensemble of three large madrasas is famous in Uzbekistan. And along with it in the city there are several places of the Tamerlane era.
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
The Historical Centre of Shakhrisabz is a testament to the reign of Tamerlane, who was born in this ancient city. In addition to the famous portal of the Ak-Sarai Palace, a mosque and a mausoleum of the same era have been preserved in Shakhrisabz.

Tours to Uzbekistan from India

Uzbekistan Classic Tour from India Uzbekistan Classic Tour from India
8 Days | All year round | Tashkent, Chimgan, Bukhara, Gijduvan, Navoi, Samarkand
Uzbekistan Classic Tour, designed specifically for tourists from India. During the trip you will see the largest pearls of the country: Samarkand, Bukhara and Tashkent. And each of these cities has its own historical ties with India.

Uzbekistan UNESCO Sights Tour from India Uzbekistan UNESCO Sights Tour from India
6 Days | All year round | Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara
In this tour you will see the most beautiful and magnificent monuments of Samarkand and Bukhara included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. And also visit Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, and learn about the life of local people, their culture, crafts and national cuisine.

Silk Road Uzbekistan Tour from India Silk Road Uzbekistan Tour from India
8 Days | All year round | Tashkent, Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand
In this tour you will see a variety of monuments of oriental architecture that appeared during the heyday of the Silk Road in Uzbekistan. You will walk through the ancient quarters of Bukhara and Khiva, visit the oriental bazaars of Samarkand and Tashkent, and learn a lot about the culture of the Uzbek people.

Uzbekistan Tour Package from India Uzbekistan Tour Package from India
4 Days | All year round | Tashkent, Samarkand, Chimgan, Charvak
Embark on a concise yet vibrant tour of Uzbekistan, packed with cultural immersion and natural allure. Over four invigorating days, you'll explore Tashkent's contemporary cityscape, marvel at Samarkand's grandiose medieval structures, and bask in the pristine beauty of Chimgan mountains and Lake Charvak.

Uzbekistan Tourist Visa for Indian Citizens

  • Indian citizens can obtain an electronic tourist visa online or at the Uzbekistan Embassy in Delhi.
  • E-visa portal:
  • Uzbekistan Embassy in Delhi: EP-40, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi.
  • Tourist visa cost: e-visa USD 20, visa at embassy USD 60-80.

Round trip flights between Delhi and Tashkent

Direct flights from Delhi to Tashkent by Uzbekistan Airways

  • Flight HY426 departs from Delhi at 00:15 and arrives in Tashkent at 02:35 on Monday
  • Flight HY422 departs from Delhi at 08:30 and arrives in Tashkent at 10:50 on Tuesday and Friday
  • Flight HY424 departs from Delhi at 12:45 and arrives in Tashkent at 15:05 on Wednesday

Direct flights from Tashkent to Delhi by Uzbekistan Airways

  • Flight HY421 departs from Tashkent at 02:40 and arrives in Delhi at 06:00 on Tuesday and Friday
  • Flight HY423 departs from Tashkent at 08:05 and arrives in Delhi at 11:25 on Wednesday
  • Flight HY425 departs from Tashkent at 19:25 and arrives in Delhi at 22:45 on Sunday

*flight schedule updated in January 2023

Quick Facts for Uzbekistan tour from India

The fastest and easiest way to arrange your trip to Uzbekistan, by booking a tour package Uzbekistan from India with OREXCA. Going for a vacation to Uzbekistan means an opportunity to discover incredible UNESCO sights and come closer to the Silk Road history. Book your Uzbekistan tour from India with us and do not waste your time on researching, organizing, and planning. The tour includes trips to top travel destinations, including Tashkent, Samarkand, and Bukhara. You’ll also be able to visit some of the best attractions, like Registan Square, Shakhi-Zinda, Lyabi-Khauz, Kalon Ensemble and Hazrat Imam complex. Book a vacation package with OREXCA to spend less time planning and more time enjoying.
Your tour package to Uzbekistan from India includes everything you need for a fun and hassle-free time in the country. Tour packages normally include reservations at recommended hotels in a central location, a travel plan including visits to top attractions and arrange local guides, and the opportunity to add short tours, tickets, and activities to your daily itinerary. With a tour package you’ll also have access to 24/7 travel support, a personal travel agent.
The optimal length of a vacation in Uzbekistan is around 5-8 days. You’ll have enough time to explore a great variety of attractions across multiple cities during your tours to Uzbekistan from India. If you have time for a longer adventure, we can arrange a tailor-made tour. Enjoy every minute of your tour in Uzbekistan by booking a package designed by local DMC tour operator OREXCA.
The best and most popular time to go to Uzbekistan is in the April, May, September, and October months. Their period is vibrant, beautiful, and offers plenty of things to see and do in Uzbekistan. Be aware that tour packages Uzbekistan from India in this season usually get fully booked quickly. If you plan on visiting Uzbekistan in these months, we recommend reserving your trip in advance. Although this period is the most popular time to go for a vacation, Uzbekistan is a nice place to visit any time of the year. To save money and not stay in a long queue for sights, consider traveling to Uzbekistan outside of the peak travel season.
Violent crime in Uzbekistan is rare, and the country has been politically stable for many years. The most likely annoyance that you will face is merchants and taxi drivers who will try to overcharge you for their goods and services.
As with any place you travel, we recommend that you keep your passport and valuables in a safe place and be particularly cautious for pickpockets in crowded areas, such as bazaars and public transport during the Uzbekistan tour from India. That being said, most Uzbeks are very welcoming and willing to help you in whatever way they can.
According to the 2019 Solo Safety Travel Report, Uzbekistan ranks 5th in the world for safety and convenience for solo travelers. It can be a great place to join a group tour or meet up with other travelers in the hostels or yurt camps. For travelers who prefer solo or independent travel, Uzbekistan is a great choice for your next trip.
In addition to vivid photographs and memories from your tours to Uzbekistan from India, Uzbekistan is a great place to find inexpensive and good-quality souvenirs, oriental-style household items and handmade arts and crafts. There’s a huge and varied selection of souvenirs in Uzbekistan: silk scarves, dresses, fabrics, shoes, jewelry, wooden and metal handicrafts, paintings and miniatures, hand-carved knives, ceramics, carpets, local embroidery... the list goes on. The cheapest souvenirs cost about a dollar, and the most expensive hand-woven carpets, up to several thousand dollars.
It is important to remember that it is forbidden to export art objects from Uzbekistan, objects more than 50 years old, or anything of significant cultural value. When buying an expensive souvenir in Uzbekistan, the seller must provide a receipt and a certificate confirming that your purchase is not an antique or an important object of cultural heritage in Uzbekistan.