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Do you dream of visiting Central Asia and the Caucasus but don’t have a fortune to spend? Do you prefer a down-to-earth experience over five-star luxury? If so, OrexCA’s excellent value-for-money group or private tours are the ideal way for you to explore this fascinating, yet untouched, part of the world affordably – but without compromising on the experience or your memories.

From the madrassahs of Uzbekistan or the sparkling lakes of Tajikistan, to the yurt camps of Kyrgyzstan, the monasteries of Armenia, or the wineries of Georgia, we can take you there. Our tours are specially designed for you to save money while enjoying a more authentic experience as you stay in homestays or family-owned guesthouses; eat where the locals do; and use local transport.

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Registan Square, Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Ateshgah Fire Temple, Azerbaijan
Issyk-Kul Lake, Kyrgyzstan
Garni Temple, Armenia
Khoja Ahmed Yasawi Mausoleum, Kazakhstan
David Gareja Monastery, Georgia

Customers Review

Uzbekistan Private Tour 2022
May we thank you Sultan for our very well organized trip. Each part went well and smoothly, the guides were excellent and hotels exactly at the level we would have booked ourselves. Congratulations! We have recommended your services (Uzbekistan Tour 22 April – 1 May 2022) to several friends and we are sure they will be equally as happy as we are.
Desert Yurts and Mountain Villages Tour
Our trip was fantastic. I plan to make a YouTube video with some of our pictures to try to let others know about this trip. I believe this trip should be a must for every visitor to Uzbekistan. 1. Olim was a delight. Though we had no language in common, he knows a few words in English and I know a few words in Russian and otherwise we tried to pantomime everything. I'm sorry we couldn't really have any real discussions; I'm sure he is a very interesting person and it would have been nice to know him better. But he is GREAT. 2. The ceramic workshop was very interesting. I like to visit places where people have kept old skills and handcrafts alive. Although I do visit a lot of museums, things in glass cases are only minimally interesting. Places like the ceramic workshop are more like living museums where you can see skills on display and talk to those who are doing it. 3. The petroglyphs were my #1 thing to see when I came to this country. I volunteer at a UNESCO World Heritage Site near where I live, so it was nice to see another UNESCO site, especially one with so much history. 4. The yurt camp was great, and the food was also excellent. Everyone was very friendly, even if we couldn't really speak with them. The roast and potatoes for dinner and the fish for lunch the next day were so delicious. 5. I thought the petroglyphs would be the best thing about this trip, but I was wrong - I think it was the singer at the yurt camp. That was absolutely the best. He is fantastic! 6. Due to the weather, seeing the lake was cool but would have been even better if we hadn't been so cold! But what can you do? The weather is what it is and this was the only week we had to do this trip (my husband has already left for home). On the other hand, due to the season, we basically had everyone's full attention, so it was like this trip was just for the two of us. 7. The camel ride was a treat. 8. The family we stayed with were also so welcoming and friendly and, again, the food was excellent. I generally do not like soup, but Nigina's soup was amazing. I also appreciated being asked to help prepare the plov for lunch the next day. I didn't go on the hike (arthritic knees) but being part of making lunch was even better. They were all so great and are all fantastic examples of how friendly and wonderful the people of Uzbekistan are.
Uzbekistan Muslim Tour
Our experience with OrexCA was outstanding. Mr Sultan & his company were always ready to help us and no request was too big for them. We had an emergency and company made sure without any hesitancy that our request is fulfilled & we are assisted fully. Everyone, our tour guides, our drivers made sure that we had a comfortable, memorable, enjoyable & hospitable trip. Transport provided was comfortable & adjusted according to itinerary so that journey is comfortable for e.g. for intercity travel a SUV was provided. We left Uzbekistan with a smile on our face. They reply in time, answer queries, guide with the itinerary with patience & genuine suggestions, doesn't push or force onto clients unnecessary items just to make money, are not greedy and recommend changes if needed so that itinerary & tour is comfortable and enjoyable one.