Uzbekistan Tours

Uzbekistan tours will take you back in time through well-preserved historical palaces and mausoleums, leads you through the mountains, deserts and plains that exemplify the varied landscape of Central Asia and immerses you in a culture rich in hospitality and traditions.

Uzbekistan travel will bring you face-to-face with living history among the sites of ancient settlements, palaces, madrassahs and tombs - a great place to take a break from hurried civilization. These ancient sites remain a popular destination for religious pilgrimage even today, and you will find yourself side-by-side with local travelers adorned in colorful garb and eager to introduce you to their ancient customs and revered holy sites.

Yet a trip to Uzbekistan will hardly leave you steeped in history alone. Uzbek people pride themselves on their hospitality, and rightly so. You can experience their warmth and kindness firsthand as you wander the sprawling bazaars, strike up a conversation in their many teahouses, or join a game of backgammon in the park. You may even be invited to someone’s home or family wedding!

If you love the arts, history and adventure, we invite you to consider a trip to Uzbekistan! Tours can be arranged according to your interests and could include visits to:

  • Samarkand, home of the grandiose architecture of Tamerlane’s 15th century dynasty;
  • Bukhara, another Silk Road city where the spirit of its golden age can still be sensed within its ancient walls;
  • Gijduvan, where handmade pottery is still crafted much as it was centuries ago;
  • Fergana Valley, also famous throughout the region for its pottery, intricate silk fabrics and ikat;
  • Khiva, where you can be teleported to ancient desert fortresses where the mighty khans used to rule;
  • Nurata, ripe with ancient legends and yurts pocketing its rugged, wild terrain.

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Our city tours are the perfect way to maximize your time in the major cities of Uzbekistan. Sightseeing in a large, unfamiliar city can seem overwhelming, but our guides are experienced, knowledgeable and ready to help make your day as memorable as possible. Book one of our time-tested tours or suggest your places of interest, for us to arrange a private tailored city tour for you.

We offer special tours to Uzbekistan for visitors from China, India, Japan, and Korea. These allow you to hear from guides in your own language and, on our group tours, share the experience with others from your home country.