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Darvaza Gas Crater Group Tour from Khiva 2023
It was a fantastic tour. I truly appreciate all the help and information. Feel free to use my feedback.
Private Uzbekistan tour
Thanks for all and overall for hotel upgrade, the planning was perfect the guides ok, above all the one in Samarkand, she was very comprehensive, very empathetic, helpful, always smiling and not just because he spoke Italian. I suggest your agency to anybody who will want to come to Uzbekistan.
11 OCT (WED) Milan – Urgench – Khiva
12 OCT (THU) Khiva - Bukhara
13 OCT (FRI) Bukhara
14 OCT (SAT) Bukhara – Samarkand
15 OCT (SUN) Samarkand
16 OCT (MON) Samarkand – Tashkent
17 OCT (TUE) Tashkent - Milan

Khiva – hotel Qosha Darvoza
Bukhara – hotel Grand Nodirbek
Samarkand – hotel Khan
Tashkent – hotel Inspira-S
Uzbekistan package holiday for four people
It was a package holiday for four people, two sisters and two friends. The package tour was To Uzbekistan for one week from 9 - 16/10/23, The Tour was organized by Ms Ruba of Green Meadows in cooperation with Mr. Sultan of OrexCa. Everything was booked, I loved that the tours would pick us up from our hotel in a clean bus and a smiling driver. The tour and visiting places in Uzbekistan were tailored by Mr. Sultan of OrexCa. Mr. Sultan made his best from exchanging tickets for the train from Bukhara to Tashkent by replacing it by plane due to the 6ix hours by train. Of course, we paid the difference.
Hotels in Uzbekistan:
- Tashkent 1) first night: ATECA Hotel Clean and very modern Hotel. 2) Inspira-s Hotel clean and perfect location personnel very helpful
- Samarkand Gur Emir Palace: Upon check-in I found garbage in the toilet trash, bad smell in the room, after asking Mr. Sultan he changed it to a new hotel Shohjahon Palace, very clean and helpful gentle staff.
-Bukhara: Amiran Hotel clean, perfect location.
Tour guides:
Samarkand - Ms. Asal was OK.
- Bukhara: Ms. Delfouseh was excellent, gentle & full of knowledge on Uzbekistan. She brought architecture and history to life.
- Tashkent: an old man guide I forgot his name was full of information (name: Nusrat).
Drivers and buses were all clean and gentle. The whole process of the tour was a breeze.
Finally, I want to thank you for changing our flight to Amman, It certainly was a helpful and practical.
Oct 9 (Mon): Tashkent
Oct 10 (Tue): Tashkent – Samarkand
Oct 11 (Wed): Samarkand
Oct 12 (Thu): Samarkand
Oct 13 (Fri): Samarkand – Bukhara
Oct 14 (Sat): Bukhara – Tashkent
Oct 15 (Sun): Tashkent
Oct 16 (Mon): Tashkent
UNESCO World Heritage site in Uzbekistan
Thanks for the super tour of your lovely country.
All arrangements went well. Guides, transport, drivers, hotels etc.

Sep 23, Sat: Tashkent, arrival
Sep 24, Sun: Tashkent – Samarkand
Sep 25, Mon: Samarkand
Sep 26, Tue: Samarkand – Bukhara
Sep 27, Wen: Bukhara
Sep 28, Thu: Bukhara – Khiva
Sep 29, Fri: Khiva – Urgench – Tashkent
Sep 30, Sat: Tashkent, departure

Tashkent - hotel Wyndham
Samarkand - hotel Zarafshon Parkside
Bukhara - hotel Paradise Plaza
Khiva - Zarafshan Boutique
Turkmenistan - Darvaza tour
We have returned from our expedition to Turkmenistan.
It was very well organized and the guides were perfect.
Many thanks for your organization
Uzbekistan 12 days advanture
We were very happy with trip and the services!

08-09-2023 (Friday): Istanbul - Urgench-Khiva
09-09-2023 (Saturday): Khiva
10-09-2023 (Sunday): Khiva – Ellik Qala ancient fortresses of Khorezm – Khiva
11-09-2023 (Monday): Khiva – Bukhara
12-09-2023 (Tuesday): Bukhara
13-09-2023 (Wednesday): Bukhara
14-09-2023 (Thursday): Bukhara - Samarkand
15-09-2023 (Friday): Samarkand
16-09-2023 (Saturday): Samarkand
17-09-2023 (Sunday): Samarkand – Tashkent
18-09-2023 (Monday): Tashkent
19-09-2023 (Tuesday): Tashkent, departure

Khiva – hotel Orient Star Khiva
Bukhara – hotel Minzifa boutique
Samarkand – hotel Gur Emir Palace
Tashkent – hotel Lotte
Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan tour 18 days
We really enjoyed out tour. Khiva is so beautiful. Buchara is fantastic!

August 28 (Monday): Urgench - Khiva
August 29 (Tuesday): Khiva
August 30 (Wednesday): Khiva - Bukhara
August 31 (Thursday): Bukhara
September 1 (Friday): Bukhara
September 2 (Saturday): Bukhara - Gijduvan - Nurata - Aydarkul lake
September 3 (Sunday): Yurt camp - Village
September 4 (Monday): Village - Samarkand
September 5 (Tuesday): Samarkand
September 6 (Wednesday): Samarkand
September 7 (Thursday) : Samarkand - Tashkent
September 8 (Friday): Tashkent
September 9 (Saturday): Tashkent
September 10 (Sunday): Tashkent - Almaty
September 11 (Monday): Almaty
September 12 (Tuesday): Almaty
September 13 (Wednesday): Almaty
September 14 (Thursday): Almaty – border Korday

Khiva – hotel Malika Kheivak
Bukhara – hotel K.Komil boutique
Aydarkul - Yurt camp
Nurata - Homestay
Samarkand – hotel Malika Prime
Tashkent – hotel Sharq
Almaty – hotel Kazzhol Park
Transfers by car and high-speed trains
Regretfully our holiday in Uzbekistan is almost over but it’s been beautiful and beyond our great expectations . We are sure tourism will grow more and more also due to your country‘s safeness and welcoming people.
In Bukhara I lost my mobile and the tourist police found it and brought it back to me on the same day!
Group tour in Uzbekistan
We arrived safety home. Thank you for your services! Keep in touch for other requests.
Tashkent – Samarkand – Bukhara – Khiva
Uzbekistan Classic and Halal Tour
It was great! Thank you for your service.
Mohd Khairizam+5, MYS
30th June (Friday): Tashkent
1th July (Saturday): Tashkent – Bukhara
2nd July (Sunday): Bukhara - Gijduvan – Samarkand
3rd July (Monday): Samarkand – Tashkent
4th July (Tuesday): Tashkent
5th July (Wednesday): Tashkent – departure
Tashkent – hotel Ateca, Bukhara – hotel K.Komil boutique, Samarkand - hotel Gur Emir Palace.