Turkmenistan Tours

Turkmenistan Tours

Turkmenistan’s remote and enigmatic nature only heightens its allure for the curious and daring traveler. Wander the crowded aisles of lively bazaars as one of the few foreigners among a sea of Turkmen shoppers. Discover Darvaza Gas Crater’s fiery splendor accentuated by the eerie stillness of the Kyzylkum Desert. Journey to no-man’s land to roam the half-buried ruins of Merv and Gonur Depe, once populous cities that now lie desolate and mysterious.

Turkmenistan Tours are off-the-beaten-path quests to one of the most isolated nations on earth. Visit underground lakes, burning craters, marble cities and some of the oldest settlements on earth in a land that challenged even the most seasoned warriors and merchants of old. Whether you’re looking for an extension tour from Uzbekistan, a short historical excursion or a cross-country expedition, Turkmenistan Tours offer a plethora of options for the adventurous desert traveler.

Turkmenistan Group Tours are just the answer for anyone who wants to visit Turkmenistan yet feels apprehensive about solo travel. Our group tours will provide a safe and cost-efficient travel option with guaranteed departure dates and a relaxed but well-structured time in-country among a small group of like-minded traveling companions.

Turkmenistan Historical Tours will take you to a land that has sustained some of the oldest civilizations on earth, where you’ll climb ancient walls, set eyes on enduring mausoleums and feel the smooth surface of first century pottery shards in your palm. While each tour varies in length and itinerary, they all guarantee an introduction to Turkmenistan’s historical cities and landmarks through guided tours, hands-on discovery and time for personal exploration at the most significant sites.

Turkmenistan City Tours are informative, in-depth day tours to a variety of towns and villages in Turkmenistan, from flashy Ashgabat to the mountain village of Nokhur. These tours are a fun, flexible option for anyone in transit through Turkmenistan and exploring the country independently, and include well-planned itineraries, a private guide, and pick-up and drop-off from your hotel.

Turkmenistan Adventure Tours are an invitation to explore the country’s most thrilling attractions. Off-road safaris, horseback riding in the mountains, swimming in an underground sulfuric lake or camping at Darvaza Gas Crater - each tour has been designed to give you the greatest possible journey, with opportunities for cultural enrichment along the way.

Central Asia Tours allow you to explore the Turkmenistan's most acclaimed destinations in combination with travels to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan or Kyrgyzstan. Consider a trip to the five capitals of Central Asia, an extensive Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan tour or a trip that retraces the routes of the region’s greatest explorers.

Silk Road Tours in Turkmenistan will bring you face-to-face with city ruins in Merv and Old Nisa, rare artefacts in Ashgabat’s historical museum and powerful rulers now laid to rest inside impressive tombs in Kunya-Urgench as you travel one of the world’s most exotic and untouched lands.