Uzbekistan Private Guide Services

Oriental Express CA would be glad to arrange a private local guide for you and your traveling companions through our Uzbekistan Private Guide Services.

Tours can be arranged for individuals or small groups in Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and other Uzbekistan cities.

We offer licensed, experienced and informative tour guides speaking English, Spanish, Italian, French, Korean and Russian. Please let us know your interest (historical, archaeology, guide for children, etc.) and we will also do our best to provide you with a guide with specific experience in your field of interest.

While tours are typically scheduled for the morning, guides can also be arranged for afternoon hours upon request.

With Uzbekistan Private Guide Services, you may request your guide in advance in order to secure them during high tourist season. Order your private guide today through or contact us for further information.

We stand ready to show and share our history and culture with you. Come discover Uzbekistan with us!

City Price
Tashkent (4-5 hours) upon request
Samarkand (6 hours) upon request
Bukhara (6 hours) upon request
Khiva walking tour (6 hours) upon request

If you are unsure about which places to visit in Uzbekistan, please check out our city tour itineraries:

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Customers Review

wonderful holiday in Uzbekistan
Thank you for organizing a wonderful holiday in Uzbekistan. We loved the country and its people. Everything went well and we were very happy with everything. We have no complaints. All the guides and drivers were excellent. Our hotels were also very good. Thank you again.
- - - - - - - - - - -
Hotels - Nukus: Pana hotel, Kala-Ayaz Yurt camp, Khiva: Orient Star, Bukhara: Amelia, Nurata: Uhum village, Samarkand: Antica, Tashkent: ATECA.
Local guides – Tashkent: Marifat, Khiva: Alimardan, Bukhara: Мironshox, Samarkand: Valentina, Fergana: Кamol.
Uzbekistan private family tour
Khiva very well, Bobur guide was patient and friendly. In Bukhara Mironshox, well, with good restaurant recommendations. He gave us a lot of his time. The driver, lovely.
Today's drivers were lovely too and the cars were great. Everyone has been very punctual and ready to help.
The guide is wonderful. We are enjoying a lot in Samarkand with Suzanna.
Uzbekistan Private Tour April 25 - May 5, 2023
Our wonderful Uzbekistan tour has come to end. We really had a lovely experience, thanks to your great planning. Everything went forward like clockwork. All the guides were knowledgeable and good. Thank you for this great experience.
Will definitely share my review on your Trip advisor page. And will also recommend your company to our friends. Many people are interested in visiting Uzbekistan.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Local guides: Khiva - Alimardan, Bukhara - Gulchehra, Samarkand - Otabek, Tashkent - Marifat.
Hotels: Tashkent - Inspira-S, Khiva - Orient Star, Bukhara - Lyabi House, Samarkand - Gur Emir Palace.
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