Uzbekistan Private Guide Services

Oriental Express CA would be glad to arrange a private local guide for you and your traveling companions through our Uzbekistan Private Guide Services.

Tours can be arranged for individuals or small groups in Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and other Uzbekistan cities.

We offer licensed, experienced and informative tour guides speaking English, Spanish, Italian, French, Korean and Russian. Please let us know your interest (historical, archaeology, guide for children, etc.) and we will also do our best to provide you with a guide with specific experience in your field of interest.

While tours are typically scheduled for the morning, guides can also be arranged for afternoon hours upon request.

With Uzbekistan Private Guide Services, you may request your guide in advance in order to secure them during high tourist season. Order your private guide today through or contact us for further information.

We stand ready to show and share our history and culture with you. Come discover Uzbekistan with us!

City Price
Tashkent (4-5 hours) upon request
Samarkand (6 hours) upon request
Bukhara (6 hours) upon request
Khiva walking tour (6 hours) upon request

If you are unsure about which places to visit in Uzbekistan, please check out our city tour itineraries:

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Customers Review

Day tours: Bukhara, Khiva, Samarkand, Tashkent
Our tour guide Nusrat in Tashkent was also very good and a very jolly and knowledgeable person. The guide Temur today in Samarkand was very good and very friendly. We are looking to our tour on Friday. Thanks the guide Jahongir in Khiva arrived and was very good thank you. The guide Maksad in Bukhara was also very good and a lovely person. Thank you very much for organizing our tours. We had a great time in Uzbekistan!
City tours: Tashkent and Bukhara
Thank you for everything. Things in Bukhara went as planned with Munira guide. We shall always cherish our visit to Uzbekistan. Just finished the Tashkent city tour. Everything was very good. Nusrat guide took good care of us and explained things in detail. Thanks a lot!
Uzbekistan Tours and Penjikent tour
Guide was knowledgeable and driver was good. I enjoyed the museum. Food at restaurant was excellent. It was good to see Tajikistan but I might add few more things to the day trip. Guide was telling me how some beautiful lakes are just a short drive. I would add a lake visit to the day trip, by leaving hour earlier for pick up. Mountains were quite beautiful. I have very much enjoyed my trip to Uzbekistan. History, people and culture are amazing and I am glad the UZBEKISTAN government has opened up the country. Nice to see locals getting jobs and making your economy better. Wonderful day yesterday. Thanks very kindly. Guide Vazira was excellent and she spoke good English. Learned a lot of information about Bukhara and saw amazing architecture. Not sure if tour companies give feedback to government tourism board but I would suggest the government implement a day pass for all the sites in Bukhara and Samarkand. It’s quite difficult to constantly pay for each historical location. Give foreigners one price say $25 USD to visit everything in Bukhara and same price in Samarkand. Each pass is valid for three days. Thanks again for everything.
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