Termez City Tour

Kokildor-Ota Khanaka, Kyrk-Kyz Fortress, Sultan Saodat Ensemble etc.
  • Kyrk-Kyz Fortress
  • Sultan Saodat Ensemble
  • Fayaz-Tepe
  • Complex of Al-Hakim at-Termezi

The history of Termez, one of the oldest cities in all Central Asia, is mysterious and diverse. Ancient Buddhist temples, a Sufi retreat center, burial grounds of once powerful empires, unusual architecture and Islamic pilgrimage sites leave even the casual observer filled with a sense of wonder at the peoples, empires and belief systems that once flourished in this quiet corner of modern-day Uzbekistan.
The Termez City Tour is an excellent choice for adventurous travelers who would like to delve deeper into the history of this fascinating city. Many of the most noteworthy ruins are only accessible by car on little-traveled roads outside of Termez proper, with little to no written descriptions or English-speaking guides available on site. On the Termez City Tour you’ll be accompanied by a driver familiar with the roads and a tour guide, fluent in English, who’s knowledgeable in the facts and legends surrounding each location.

Tour Itinerary

A driver and local guide will meet you at your Termez hotel to begin your tour of Termez city and its surrounding territory:

  • Kokildor-Ota Khanaka (16th century) - A retreat center for Sufi dervishes, the Kokildor-Ota Khanaka’s architecture reflects a strong Afghan influence.
  • Kyrk-Kyz Fortress (9th-10th centuries) – This mysterious structure, with its origins shrouded in mystery, will impress with its more than 50 rooms and complex archeological designs that lead many to believe it once served as a castle.
  • Sultan Saodat Ensemble (12-15th centuries) – A memorial complex of mausoleums and mosques built over a long period of time, Sultan Saodat holds the graves of the great Sayyid dynasty of Termez.
  • The Archaeology Museum of Termez contains over 114,000 artefacts, including busts of Macedonian warriors, Buddhist replicas and artefacts unique to Termez dating back to the Kushan and Graeco-Bactrian cultures.
  • Kara-Tepe – A 2nd-3rd century Buddhist shrine and current archeological site located near the Afghan border.
  • Fayaz-Tepe – Buddhist temple complex complete with the remains of sleeping quarters, a kitchen and ancient aqueducts.
  • Al-Hakim at-Termezi – Burial vault of the Sufi religious leader Hakim at-Termezi and holy site for religious pilgrims, the Al-Hakim at-Termezi compound holds pristine gardens, a pavilion and a small museum.

Tour duration: approximately 5-6 hours

Price includes:

  • Private, local guide;
  • Entrance fees to the sights as per itinerary;
  • Transport throughout the city tour.

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The tour is private with your personal guide. There will be no other people joining the tour. Our guides will follow your own pace.
The starting time of the tour is up to you and may vary from 09.00 am to 16.00 pm.
We are happy to offer this tour for air/train passengers too. Our guide will meet you at the arrival station.


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