Mausoleum Sultan Saodat, Termez

Mausoleum Sultan Saodat, Termez

Sultan-Saodat was a cult and memorial ensemble being located not far from Termez in the Surkhandarya province. It was developing during the 12th-17th centuries around the graves of Termezian Seyids, being a powerful dynasty there. Its initial core was formed by two mausoleums (the 12th century) being joined by domed aivan that in the 15th century played a role of mosque.

Both mausoleums have centric composition and covered by spacious domes on octahedron of arches and arched carcass. The northern mausoleum considered to be the prime one. There was a tomb of Khasan al-Emir from the fifth generation of imam Khusein being a grandson of the Prophet Muhammad. Gradually around this grave appeared numerous tombs.

Most of them occupy the second mausoleum. Gravestones remained fragments of fine ornaments. In the beginning of the 15th century the portal was enlarged in height and decorated with red majolica. In the second half of the 15th century two new mausoleums added the ensemble. During the 15th and 17th centuries the ensemble was under the gradual formation. In its final composition Sultan-Saodat is the ensemble of structures locating in a perimeter of the long narrow courtyard.

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