Uzbekistan Tourism

“What Uzbekistan particularly has to offer is something unique in Central Asia. Kazakhstan may have its wide open steppe and be the home of apples. Kyrgyzstan is still intact with its nomadic lives and huge mountains – something also true of Tajikistan. But Uzbekistan is the true heart and soul of the region with a rich agrarian, settled, culture-laden atmosphere. It’s ancient cities some up the shear romanticism of the region – from Samarkand to Bukhara…a heady scent of the Old Silk Road. It never disappoints. The image and the reality are heavily intertwined here. Muslim scholars, traditional dress, bountiful food from the steppe, the music, the architecture... it’s all here - the heart of cultural Turkic-speaking Central Asia.”

By Nick Easen, British writer, broadcaster and journalist May 2011
Uzbekistan Tourism will bring you to a country along the Great Silk Road - an oasis of peace, a land where ancient history and modern culture converge. With traditions stretching back thousands of years and a culture all its own, Uzbekistan stands apart as a truly unique nation.
In recent years tourism to Uzbekistan has been on the rise – The New York Times listed it as one of the “52 Places to Go in 2019” - and with this the range of travel facilities and services are expanding accordingly.
To help maximize your comfort and satisfaction while in country, great efforts have been made to ensure that modern travelers feel relaxed and secure while in country.
Tourism here can be both affordable and comfortable, and OrexCA offers Uzbekistan tourism packages for every type of traveler:

Historical and Architectural Tourism

Uzbekistan tourist attractions can be found in every major city:


The historical capital city is home to some of Uzbekistan’s most famous landmarks, including the Registan complex, tomb of Tamerlane at Guri- Emir Masoleum, Shah-i-Zinda Mausoleum, Ulugbek Observatory and the imposing Bibi-Khanum Mosque.


Walking the alleyways of well-preserved Old Bukhara will take you back centuries, as will a rest by the Lyabi-Hauz pool at this city’s center. Visit the 5th century fortress known as the ‘Ark’ or the nearby Zindon jail and Kalon mosque.


Inside the impressive walls of Ichon-Qala lies the Juma Mosque, Tosh-Hovli Palace and Islom-Hoja Madrassa containing the Museum of Fine Arts.


Straddling the border of Afghanistan, this city boasts the impressive Termiz Archaeological Museum, Karatepa Buddhist monastery remains and Sultan Saodat Memorial Complex.

Nature and Outdoor Tourism

The mountainous regions of this country are a breath of fresh air for those Central Asia travelers who want to re-connect with nature. The western Tian-Shan mountaintops, with their savage gorges and river rapids, have for years been an attraction for adventure seekers. The Nurata nature reserve and Chimgan Mountains captivate nature enthusiasts and city-dwellers alike with their enchanting beauty and unique wildlife.
These days the modern tourism infrastructure also allows for travel in the Kyzylkum and Aralkum Deserts regions of Central and Western Uzbekistan.

Adventure and Eco Tourism

Adventure awaits you in nearly every corner of Uzbekistan, be it a camel ride across the desert sands, overnighting in a traditional yurt in Nurata, swimming in pristine Aydar-Kul Lake or visiting the abandoned ships along the former coast of the Aral Sea.

Swimming, hiking, fishing, off-roading and more can all be experienced on your trip to Uzbekistan.

Food Tourism

Uzbekistan is famous throughout Central Asia for its tasty national rice dish plov, fresh bread, meat kebabs, samsas and abundant seasonal fruits. A wide variety of international cuisine can also be found in the capital, and vegetarians will enjoy the diverse types of salads, dried fruits and vegetables.

Culture Tourism

Practice your carpet-weaving skills alongside women in Samarkand; see the silk-dying process for scarves in Margilan; wander the bazaars alongside local merchants; learn the ancient arts of calligraphy, pottery and wood-working alongside artisans in Tashkent, Khiva and Bukhara. Our cultural tours will introduce you not only to Uzbekistan’s historical treasures but to present-day traditions of Uzbek hospitality, unique local customs and ways of life.

Visit Uzbekistan during festivals to dive into hospitality culture and all colours of ikat. Silk and Spice festival in Bukhara, Baysun Bahori in a small rural village of Baysun.

Year-Round Activities

Summer tours could include mountain biking, hiking, trekking, rafting, canoeing, mountaineering, horse riding and leisure accommodations in newly built mountain resorts.

Uzbekistan tourism in winter is full of opportunities for heli-boarding, heli-skiing, snowboarding and paragliding. Professional instructors provide high quality services for the realization of your adventure dreams.

Historical sites, cultural tours and city excursions are available year-round.

Why Tour Uzbekistan?

In addition to its broad appeal to thrill-seekers and history-lovers, travelers to Uzbekistan find it likeable from many different angles:

Inexpensive. Tourism in Uzbekistan remains a budget-friendly option for travelers, as transportation, food and accommodation prices are very low. For example, in the capital a taxi ride across town costs as little as 2USD, and a freshly cooked, local meal as low as 3USD.

Clean. Uzbeks take pride in the pristine condition of their neighborhoods and streets, and keeping the country clean and attractive is a matter of national honor. Unusually clean, wide and shady streets, green parks and clear fountains are part of the endearing charm of traveling in Uzbekistan. Plus, recent efforts are being made to make it an even more eco-friendly destination!

Safe. The country remains a very safe place to travel. Uzbekistan has a very low rate of petty and violent crime. Uzbeks are known for their peaceful disposition, and their natural hospitality extends to guests visiting their country.

Unique. Where else can you find a country whose traditional culture remains so well-preserved, while the population is simultaneously embracing modernity and progression? A land relatively unknown to the outside world, and yet so welcoming to foreign visitors? Whether you are drawn to history, the outdoors, eastern culture or simply an off-the-map experience, you can truly find it all in Uzbekistan.Tourism in this enchanting land truly has something to offer for everyone!

In Uzbekistan, private tours, group tours and day tours are all available. Come and Discover Uzbekistan with!