Shopping in Uzbekistan

"Shopping" is one of the most pleasant elements of any trip, and trips to Uzbekistan are no exception. It is hardly imaginable to visit Uzbekistan and not to bring back a "babaichik" figurine or "tubeteika" traditional Uzbek cap. However, let us start from the beginning. Traveling to Uzbekistan, you must remember that this country is not known mainly for its shopping. However, here you can buy almost anything. How is this possible? In the East, and in particular, in Uzbekistan, people traditionally buy goods at bazaars rather than in shops. If you want a really great bargain, visit the Yangiabad Bazaar, a well known "flea market". The Alayski Bazaar is the oldest and one of the most famous bazaars in Central Asia. Whereas in most department stores the prices are fixed, in the bazaars, private shops and souvenir stores haggling is expected. It is not so difficult to get a huge discount, especially on the prices of hand-crafted products and carpets. Bazaars are the best places to observe the daily life of the local people. Neither the things you buy, nor your new impressions from the bazaar will disappoint you. Suitable places in Tashkent include the "Eski Djouva" or "Chor Su" bazaars, located in the Old City. You will see beautiful rugs, soft silk, intricate khan atlases, dried fruit, spices, handicrafts, Uzbek style souvenirs and traditional hand-made clothes and footwear. Many museums in Tashkent, Bukhara, Samarkand and Khiva have their own small shops offering various hand-made articles, antique items, paintings and aquarelles. All who have visited Uzbekistan have been particularly delighted with the sweet, juicy, sun-enriched fruit. These fruits are the pride of the local traders. Local "dried fruit" - coragha, dried figs, prunes, raisins, sun-dried melons, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, and sesame seeds in sugary syrup - it's a real "oriental fantasy", and when this delicious produce is skillfully packed by the merchant, it becomes a wonderful "present from Uzbekistan".

Shilajit is also one of authentic gifts to take home from Uzbekistan.

You won't leave Uzbekistan empty-handed - it is a principle of oriental hospitality.

Souvenir shops in Tashkent

Trade Center Tashkent Plaza, Shopping in UzbekistanTrade Center Tashkent Plaza
107, Amir Timur Str. International Business Center
tel.: (+998 71) 238 94 08

Souvenir shop Orient House, Shopping in Uzbekistan Souvenir shop "Orient House"
C-5, Amir Timur Str., 51
tel.: (+998 71) 235 58 33, 235 61 64 mob.: (+998 97) 340 48 15

Art Caravan - hand-made, Shopping in Uzbekistan Art Caravan - hand-made
73, Buyuk Turon Str.
tel.: (+998 71) 235 58 33, 235 61 64 tel.: (+998 97) 400 09 95

Hamar centre - Art gallery 40, Sharaf Rashidov Str. tel.: (+998 712) 256 52 26, (+998 71) 252 35 30

Hamza Art Gallery, Caravan Cafe and Restaurant 22, A. Kakhar Str. tel.: (+998 712) 255 62 96 e-mail:

Hunarmand Crafts Association at Abdulqosim Shoshiy Medrese Bunyodkor Str., next to Oliy Majlis tel.: (+998 71) 239 19 98, 239 45 02

Souvenir Shop of the Applied Arts Museum 15, Rakatboshi Str. tel.: (+998 712) 256 39 43, 256 40 42

Souvenir Shop of Grand Mir Hotel 2, Kunaev Str. tel.: (+998 71) 140 20 00

Souvenir Shop of InterContinental Hotel 107A, Amir Timur Str. tel.: (+998 71) 120 70 00

Souvenir Shop "Oriental Joy" in Dedeman Silk Road Tashkent Hotel 7/8-C4, Amir Timur Str. tel.: (+998 71) 120 37 00

Souvenir Shop of Tashkent Palace Hotel 56, Buyuk Turon Str. tel.: (+998 71) 232 37 91, 120 58 00

Souvenir Shop of Uzbekistan Hotel 2, Uzbekistan Ovozi Str. tel.: (+998 71) 120 77 77

Tashkent Department Store (Former TSUM) 17, Uzbekistan Ave. tel.: (+998 712) 256 30 01, (+998 71) 233 62 88

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