Cellular Communications in Uzbekistan

When you are in another country, it is important to stay in touch and use mobile internet for sharing your new bright impressions, photos and videos with your family and friends. Cellular communication in Uzbekistan is represented by five mobile operators.

By purchasing one of the local SIM card, you can enjoy all the benefits of the selected operator. Our table gives information about the addresses of the cellular companies, contacts, codes and prefixes that help define belonging to a particular operator.

Beeline Uzbekistan (GSM)

Address: Bukhara str.,1, Tashkent

Call center:
0611 - from Beeline mobile number
(0590) 185-00-55 - from city phone number

E-mail: 0611@beeline.uz

Web-site: www.beeline.uz

International code: +998 90/ +998 91

Ucell (GSM)

Address: V.Vahidov str., 118, Tashkent

Call center:
8123 - from Ucell mobile number
(0593) 180 00 00 - from city phone number

Web-site: www.ucell.uz

International code: +998 93/94


Address: Amir Timur avenue, 24, Tashkent

Call center:
0890 - from UMS mobile number
(0597) 130-09-09 - from city phone number
(+998 71) 235-81-60

Web-site: www.ums.uz

International code: +998 97

UzMobile (GSM & CDMA)

Address: Nukus str., 22 А, Tashkent

Unified Customer Support:

Е-mail: info@uzmobile.uz

Web-site: www.uzmobile.uz

International code: +998 95/ +998 99

Perfectum Mobile (CDMA)

Address: T.Shevchenko str., 34, Tashkent

Call center:
077 - from Perfectum Mobile mobile number
(+998 98) 305-11-11

Е-mail: info@perfectum.uz

Web-site: www.perfectum.uz

International code: +998 98


Last update: 21st of November, 2016In some cases the prefixes of the different companies may coincide. It's better to use international code of the company while dialing so that not to call to another subscriber.

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