Cellular Communications in Uzbekistan

In Uzbekistan, there are six cellular service operators providing a wide range of tariffs and service packages: Ucell, Uzmobile (Uztelecom), Beeline, Mobiuz, Humans, and Perfectum. Additionally, there's a tele-entertainment communication app called OQ, which also offers mobile services. The total subscriber count reaches 33 million.

Uzbekistan operates on three types of communication standards: GSM (Beeline, Ucell, Mobiuz, Uzmobile), CDMA (Perfectum and Uzmobile), and VMNO (Humans and OQ). Acquiring a local SIM card from one of these operators will allow you to stay connected during your travels. Mobile operator offices and SIM card sales points are located in many cities across Uzbekistan.

Mobile communication is available at all stations of the Tashkent metro for subscribers of Beeline, Ucell, Uzmobile (Uztelecom), and Humans. In 2022, the 5G communication standard was introduced in Uzbekistan. However, it is not available with all operators and is limited to the territories of Tashkent and Samarkand.

Beeline Uzbekistan

Beeline Uzbekistan is part of the international telecommunications holding VEON. Its 2G and 3G network covers all cities of Uzbekistan, as well as many remote settlements. As of December 2023, the coverage of the LTE/4G mobile communication standard is 85%. This standard provides high-quality voice and internet connection. 4G is available in all districts of Tashkent and most areas of Chirchik, Angren, Namangan, Andijan, Fergana, Kokand, Margilan, Gulistan, Bekabad, Jizzakh, Samarkand, Karshi, Termez, Bukhara, Navoi, Gijduvan, Zarafshan, Uchkuduk, Khiva, Urgench, and Nukus. Today, 4G can also be found in some small villages and hard-to-reach mountain settlements. Beeline Uzbekistan offers tariffs for tourists and visitors, including free incoming calls and internet packages.

Support service: 
0611 – for Beeline subscribers
(+99890) 185-00-55 – for calls from any number

Website: beeline.uz

International code: +998 90, +998 91


Ucell operates in all cities of Uzbekistan and a large number of remote settlements. In cities, a 4G network is available, while 2G and 3G are present in remote areas. Ucell subscribers have access to unlimited 5G internet for three months. As of March 2024, the 5G network is available to Ucell subscribers in Tashkent: around the Alay market (on Shakhrisabz Street), in the Tashkent city business center, and the Malika shopping complex. In Samarkand, 5G can be accessed on Rudaki, Kashgari, Narpay, Yokut streets, as well as in the university park and inside the airport.

Support service:
8123 – for Ucell subscribers
(+998 93) 180-00-00 – for calls from any number

Website: ucell.uz

International code: +998 93, +998 94


Mobiuz operates in all cities, regional centers, and many remote settlements. The largest coverage is by 2G and 3G networks, while 4G/LTE is available in all major cities. To use the 5G communication standard, Mobiuz subscribers need to activate a free service by entering a USSD command or sending an SMS request. Note that your mobile phone must support 5G technology.

Support service: 
0890 – for Mobiuz subscribers 
(+998 97) 130-09-09 – for calls from any number

Website: mobi.uz

International code: +998 97, +998 88


Perfectum provides mobile communication services in the CDMA standard. The coverage map of Perfectum is very wide, with connectivity in all cities as well as many remote settlements.

Foreign citizens can also connect to Perfectum. This requires a foreign passport, visa, or temporary registration. There are no special tariffs for tourists at Perfectum, but the operator's website always offers an optimal tariff choice.

Support service: 
077 – for Perfectum subscribers 
(+998 98) 1270077 – for calls from any number

Website: perfectum.uz

International code: +998 98

Uzmobile (Uztelecom)

Uzmobile's coverage area spans all cities of Uzbekistan, as well as many remote and sparsely populated areas. 5G from Uzmobile is available in almost all areas of Tashkent and Samarkand. The operator has a range of tariffs for those traveling in Uzbekistan, which include minutes, SMS, and internet.

Support service:
1099 – for Uzmobile subscribers 
(+998 93) 180-00-00 – for calls from any number

Website: uztelecom.uz

International code: +998 77, +998 95, +998 99


The coverage map by Humans is also quite extensive. Voice and mobile internet services are available in all regions of Uzbekistan. The 4G network is accessible in regional centers and some remote settlements. SIM card registration is possible for citizens of the following countries: Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, and Ukraine. Humans do not have tariffs specifically for tourists, but a custom tariff most suitable for one's needs can be assembled through a special constructor.

Support service: 
1234 – for Humans subscribers

Website: humans.uz

International code: +998 33


OQ is a mobile communication application. OQ has no offices; all operations, including number selection, can be done via the mobile app. To use the services, personal data verification is required. The operator offers eSIM and standard SIM card connections. The ordered SIM card can be collected from Makro supermarkets in Tashkent, Chirchik, Kibray district, Namangan, Fergana, and Andijan. A home delivery service for SIM cards is also available. For now, only residents of Uzbekistan can use the OQ mobile communication app.

Support service: 
2020 – for OQ subscribers
(+998 20) 002-20-20 – for calls from any number

Website: oq.uz

International code: +998 20

How to Connect?

At Tashkent airport, you can buy a SIM card in the arrival zone. Ucell and Beeline operators are presented at the tourist desk.

You can also become a subscriber of one of the cellular operators of Uzbekistan in their offices and dealer points.

Beeline has 45 offices and more than 2500 dealer centers in cities and small settlements across Uzbekistan. Addresses can be found on the mobile operator's official website. To connect, you need to visit the company's office or dealer center with a valid national (for Uzbekistan citizens) or foreign passport (for citizens of other countries).

Ucell is represented by 140 offices and almost 1500 SIM card sales and customer service points in major cities and other settlements of Uzbekistan. Ucell SIM cards can also be purchased at Wyndham and Grand Mir hotels in Tashkent. Addresses are listed on the mobile operator's website.

Mobiuz SIM cards can be purchased at service centers and through commercial representatives available in any city of Uzbekistan. Addresses are on the Mobiuz website.

You can connect to Perfectum in sales offices and dealer centers in Tashkent and other cities of Uzbekistan. Addresses can be found on the company's website.

Uzmobile SIM cards are available in 20 branches located in major cities of Uzbekistan.

Connecting to Humans is possible in offices and sales points in Tashkent and other cities of Uzbekistan. Addresses are listed on the operator's website.


Beeline roaming is available in 179 countries. Upon arrival in another country, the connection appears automatically, without the need for additional activation.

Ucell offers roaming in 111 countries. Activation is available via USSD request, mobile application, support service, and when visiting the company's office.

Mobiuz roaming connects automatically. If this does not happen for some reason, a manual network search mode needs to be set. Roaming is available in 115 countries worldwide.

Uzmobile provides roaming services in 112 countries. It can be activated through a mobile app, personal account, USSD request, or support service.

Perfectum does not offer roaming services.

Humans roaming works in 169 countries worldwide. It connects automatically if the subscriber's account has more than 30,000 sums.

OQ roaming is available in over 100 countries worldwide for all subscribers. It activates automatically. If it doesn’t, restarting the mobile device may be necessary.