Looking for an Uzbekistan Consulate or Embassy?

Our answers to FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) to ensure that you to have a stress-free and memorable trip here in Uzbekistan!

What is the time difference in Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan is 5 hours ahead of GMT.

What is the voltage used in Uzbekistan?

220 volts AC, Round 2 pin continental (European) plugs are used.

Is filling in the customs declaration form important?

Yes, it is important and mandatory to fill in the Customs Declaration Form upon arrival to Uzbekistan. Customs Declaration Form (2 copies) will be provided to you on board by the cabin crew before landing or you will be able to collect them at the waiting area before the customs control counter in the one of Uzbekistan's International Airport - the point of your arrival. You have to write down in the Form all required passport details and that is the most important to fill in the exact amounts of all the foreign currencies which are available with you.
Customs Declaration Form (2 copies) have to be submitted to customs officers at the control counter. The first copy will be kept by customs and second copy has to be properly stamped and given back to you. Please ensure the receipt of the properly stamped second copy and do not hesitate to ask from customs officer if he fails give it back to you or to put a stamp on it. Preserve the Form during your stay in Uzbekistan and present it again to customs before departure. The amount mentioned in the Form has to be equal or lower than initially declared. Otherwise you will be questioned and asked to provide your wallet for detailed check.

Is it obligatory to be registered upon arrival to Uzbekistan? How and where can I take this procedure?

According to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dd. 16.04.1999 No 178 foreign citizens visiting Uzbekistan on temporary basis must submit documents for registration at the place of residence within 72 hours upon arrival to Uzbekistan. Registration is not necessary if you arrive to Uzbekistan during weekend or holidays or a period of your stay will not exceed three working days. During stay in a hotel your stay will be registered by hotel administration. Upon checking out you should remember of taking the registration form stamped by the hotel administration with you. If you intend to rent an apartment you should care of registration. The registration is provided by local department of internal affairs authority.

If you do not stay in a specific settlement of the Republic more than three days according to your itinerary you should not submit any document for registration. However, you should remember that you should provide convincing documentary argument to passport control bodies while leaving Uzbekistan. This documentation should be presented by air- and railway tickets registered on your name and additionally attached program of your tour.

How much is the registration in Visa Office for stay in the Republic of Uzbekistan?

For temporary registration of foreign citizens for the duration of visa and extension of temporary registration for a period of renewal of visas:
- up to 1 month - US$ 20 per person;
- up to 2 monthes - US$ 40 per person;
- up to 3 monthes - US$ 60 per person;
- up to 6 monthes - US$ 100 per person;
- up to 1 year - US$ 200 per person.

Payment is made in national currency, but, nevertheless, it is necessary to exchange US$ in exchange office, it is obligatory to take the inquiry on exchange and to put it to the receipt on payment.

What is the penalty for the tourists who have lived in the territory of Uzbekistan without registration?

Violation of a registration mode leads to the penalty in 600-1200 US$ or deportation from the territory of the country, and repeated violation is the penalty of 2500-5000 US$ or imprisonment from 1 to 3 years.

How much alcohol / tobacco may I import with me to Uzbekistan? What is not permitted?

As per the law, people 16 years and older may legally import 200 cigarettes or 300gm of tobacco product. It is also perfectly legal to import 2 liters of alcoholic beverages (2 bottles) or 2 liters of wine.
Objects that are not permitted are military arms and ammunition, narcotics (drugs) and weapons Hunting guns and live animals are subject to special permission. Vehicles are subject to registration fees on the border of Republic of Uzbekistan.

Should I carry my passport with me while I am In Uzbekistan?

Yes, it is advised to carry your passport with you while you are in Uzbekistan, especially while you are on an independent sightseeing, during the transfers between cities and places, train and bus stations etc. If you happen to walk outside the hotel, go out on your own to the local market or explore the city on your own and especially at the night time the police have the authority to check your passport which is a regular feature and you should not be worried about it. Your passport and registration card should be with you at all times.

How much money am I legally allowed bringing into Uzbekistan?

According to the law, you are allowed to legally bring in upto USD 5,000 with you into Uzbekistan. If you bring more than USD 5,000, you have to fill in a special declaration (ON-28). If it is more than USD 10,000 you shall be charged 1% duty on it. However, this amount will have to be declared via your customs declaration form.

Are credit cards accepted here?

Credit cards (Amex, Visa and Master Card) are accepted in most of the hotels and restaurants here. However it is not a very well developed system, hence it is also advised to carry a good amount of cash with you as well, so as to avoid any troublesome situation. You may exchange you credit card for cash at some hotels, e.g. Uzbekistan, Radisson Blu, Intercontinental, City Palace, etc. but this is upon actual availability of local currency (Soum) in the ATM at the time of withdrawal.

How do I get local currency (Soum) in exchange for USD / EUR, etc?

You can get the same exchanged in the local forex office in the hotel that you are staying in. Please note that in Uzbekistan, there is a prevalent black market where the rate is higher than the banking rate, BUT this is considered illegal by law and since these people operate in open markets, bazaars and streets, it could attract attention of the police and lead to arrest. Please also note that old or damaged currency notes are not accepted, as you would not get exchange as per the applicable rate, but at a lower one.

How do I make calls or send text messages to someone locally or internationally?

When you have you local SIM card with you (Beeline operator is the best option), it takes less than a minute to activate, which can be checked by the name of the service provider which appears on your cell phone screen. The number will be for eg. +998 (country code) 90 (service provider code) 1234567 (actual seven digit cell phone number). You may make calls to anyone locally by only dialing the last seven digits. You may send a text message to anyone locally by using the entire number, or internationally by using the country code (for eg. India +91) followed by their ten digit mobile number. Incoming is not charged and hence, you can receive calls or text messages, from your friends, family and relatives if they dial the entire number eg. +998 90 1234567.

Where can I take photographs / video shooting?

You are allowed to take photographs / video shooting everywhere, except tourist attractions where a nominal charge is levied eg. USD 1-3. In these places, they also have professional photographers who would take group or solo photographs for a nominal fee. Photography is strictly prohibited in the Underground Metros for security purposes, and there are local police at every metro station. It is at their discretion, where they can either give you a warning first or simply confiscate your camera or cell phone. If you wish to take photographs of the local people, it is normally advised to request them beforehand.

Can I get vegetarian meals here? Are there any Indian restaurants?

Yes you can get vegetarian local meals here in Uzbek cafes and restaurants. Alternatively, there are a few Indian restaurants located here in Tashkent, which are owned and managed by Indian nationals who would be more than happy to prepare the meals as per your request and preferences eg. Ragu, Bhramji and Raaj Kapur.

How is the nightlife here? Are there any good nightclubs here?

Tashkent is known for it's bustling nightlife culture and the entire city is dotted with many discos and nightclubs. Some of them worth mentioning are Casanova, Niagara, Diplomat-S, Sky Club, Rich Club, Juliano, Barhan, FM Bar and the Dutch Club. Most of them have entrances applicable only from Friday to Sunday. It is free over the weekdays, but have charges applicable after 11 pm.

If I wish to get an 'extra guest' to my hotel, what is the procedure and charge?

Invitation of an extra guest is a routine practice in Uzbekistani hotels, so it is possible to invite a visitor without any formalities till 23.00 p.m. and with a mandatory registration after 23.00 p.m. The registration procedure is easy and requires just few steps. Firstly, a potential guest has to provide his or her passport at the reception of the hotel for safety and security reasons. Secondly, extra guest is a paid service and you as a hotel guest have to pay a small fee in the amount from 15 to 30 US$ per person. Please collect the receipt from the reception. Also be informed that some hotels can charge extra guest supplement by the price of Double room.

Where can I go shopping here? I would like to buy and export handicraftsmen and masters products from Uzbekistan. What should I do?

There are big markets (bazaars) in all cities of Uzbekistan which open from 8.00 in the morning till evening time and most of the time they are open as long as buyers come. Spice, delicious Uzbek fruits and dried fruits, souvenirs of local handicraftsmen, ceramic, wood and silk products, carpets and tasteful Uzbek wine can be bought here. Images of modern artists can be bought on "Broadway" or specialized shops in Tashkent at reasonable price.

However, you should find out date of issue of those ancient products you want to buy. According to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dd. 23.03.1999 No 131 cultural values created more than fifty years ago are not subject to export from the Republic. Furthermore, it would be reasonable to ask the seller if there is an export certificate for this kind of product and if its three month valid period is not expired (according to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dd. 06.07.2005 г. N 156).

If the certificate is not available or the date was expired you will need to get a permission for export of this product from the department of art expertise (for export and import of cultural values) at the Ministry of Culture and Sport located on Lashkarbegi street, 19 (reference place - Hamid Alimjan metro station, opposite Latvian Embassy), tel. +998712370738. Art expertise of cultural values is provided in a day of application and provision of the product subject to expertise, extreme deadline (in case of disputable issue) is a period not exceeding ten days.

The Embassies of Central Asian states in Tashkent are known as some of the easiest, quickest, and cheapest to obtain visa, and can be more generous in giving longer and multiple entry visa. Considering this and the low cost of living in Tashkent, consider using the city as a base for all your travels in Central Asia!

Embassy of Uzbekistan in Afghanistan
EP Kabul, Vazir Akbar Khan
13th Str., 3rd row, 14
Phone: (093) 93+20-2300124
Fax: 497-2548

Embassy of Uzbekistan in Austria
1180 Wien, Poetzleinsdorferstrasse 49, Austria
Phone: (431) 315-39-94
Fax: (431) 315-39-93
E-mail: info@usbekistan.at
Embassy of Uzbekistan in Azerbaijan
EP 370021, Baku, Batamdart
1th hightway, 9th line, 437
Phone: (8 10 994 12) 497-25-49
Fax: (8 10 994 12) 497-25-48
E-mail: embuzd@azeronline.com

Embassy of Uzbekistan in Belgium; Missions to the EU and NATO
Av. F. Roosevelt 99, B-1050 Brussels, Belgium Phone: (8 10 322) 672-88-44
Fax: (8 10 322) 672-39-46
E-mail: consulate@uzbekistan.be

Embassy of Uzbekistan in China
100600, Sanlutum Beixiao gie, 11
Phone: (8610) 6532-6305
Fax: (8610) 6532-6304
E-mail: embassy@public.fhnet.cn.net

Embassy of Uzbekistan in Egypt
18, Sad EL Aali Str., Dokki, Cairo, Egypt
P.O. Box: 12311, Dokki
Phone: (8 10 202) 336-17-23
Fax: (8 10 202) 336-17-22
E-mail: magrib@internetegypt.com

Embassy of Uzbekistan in France
75008 Paris
22, rue d'Aguesseau
Phone: (331) 5330-0353
Fax: (331) 5330-0354

Embassy of Uzbekistan in Germany
Perleberger Strasse 62, 10559 Berlin, Germany
Phone: (49-30) 3940-0980
Fax: (49-30) 3940-9862
E-mail: botschaft@uzbekistan.de
Embassy of Uzbekistan in Great Britain
41, Holland Park, W11 3RP, London
Phone: (8 10 44 0207) 229-76-79
Fax: (8 10 44 0207) 229-70-29
E-mail: info@uzbekistanembassy.uk.net
Embassy of Uzbekistan in India
Plot 40, Chanakyapuri,
Delhi - 110021
Phone: (9111) 241056-40
Fax: (9111)246707-73

Embassy of Uzbekistan in Indonesia
Menara Mulia
Suite 2401 Jl.
Gatot Subroto, Kav.9-11,
Phone: (6221) 522-25-81
Fax: (6221) 522-25-82
E-mail: registan@indo.net.id

Embassy of Uzbekistan in Iran
Tehran, Pasdaran Avenu
6, Nastaran Str.
Phone: (9821) 229-97-80
Fax: (9821) 229-91-58

Embassy of Uzbekistan in Israel
Tel-aviv, Ramat Gan 52413,
Moshe Sharet Str., 31
ind. 69350
Phone: (8 10 9723) 67-22-371
Fax: (8 10 9723) 67-22-621
E-mail: admindep@uzbembassy.org.il

Embassy of Uzbekistan in Italy
Rome, Italia
12, Via Tolmino, 00198
Phone: (3906) 854-24-56
Fax: (3906) 854-10-20
e-mail: uzembass@libero.it
k.babashev@tin.it факс

Embassy of Uzbekistan in Japan
Tokyo 153-0064
Shimomeguso, 5-11-8, Meguro-Ku Str.
Phone: (813) 376-05625
Fax: (813) 376-05950
E-mail: uzembas@gw2.gateway.ne.jp

Embassy of Uzbekistan in Kazakhstan
050010, Almaty
Beribayev Str., 36
Phone: (3272) 91-02-35
Fax: (3272) 91-10-55
E-mail: bts@online.ru

Embassy of Uzbekistan in Kyrgyzstan
720040, Bishkek
Tynystanov Str., 213
Phone: (996-312) 66-20-65
Fax: (996-312) 66-44-03
E-mail: uzbembish@infotel.kg

Embassy of Uzbekistan in Latvia
Elizabetes Str., 11, 11 room
Phone: (371) 732-24-24
Fax: (371) 732-23-06
E-mail: posoluz@apollo.lv

Embassy of Uzbekistan in Malaysia
2-nd Floor, Wisma Chinese Chamber, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: (603) 4253-24-06
Fax: ((603) 4253-54-06
E-mail: uzbekemb@tm.net.my

Embassy of Uzbekistan in Pakistan
House 2, Street 2,
Sektor F-8/3, Kohistan Road
Phone: (9251) 226-47-46
Fax: (9251) 226 1739

Embassy of Uzbekistan in Poland
Wernyhory Str., 21
Phone: (4822) 894-62-30
Fax: (4822) 894-62-31

Embassy of Uzbekistan in Russia
109017, Moscow
Pogorelskiy Str., 12
Phone: (+7 499) 230-00-76
Fax: (+7 499) 238-89-18
E-mail: info@uzembassy.ru
Web-site: http://www.uzembassy.ru

Consulate Section of Embassy of Uzbekistan in Russia
119017, Moscow, 2nd Kazachiy alleyway, 2
Phone: (499) 230-13-01,
Fax: 230-04-79, (499) 230-00-54 - for Visa questions
E-mail: info@uzembassy.ru
Consulate General:
55 Б, Lomonosov Str., Novosibirsk
Phone: (+7383) 246-04-85 Fax: (7383) 246-04-62

Embassy of Uzbekistan in Saudi Arabia
P.O. Box 94008 Riyadh, 11693
Phone: (9661) 263-52-23
Fax: (9661) 263-51-05
E-mail: uzb.emb.sa@arab.net.sa

Embassy of Uzbekistan in Singapore
20 Kramat Lane, #04-01/02 United House, 228773, Singapore
Phone: (65) 6734-3942
Fax: (65) 6734-5849

Embassy of Uzbekistan in Spain
Paseo de la Castellana 45, 4-D
28046 Madrid
Phone: (3491) 310-16-39
Fax: (3491) 310-31-23

Embassy of Uzbekistan in South Korea
Seocho-2 dong, Seoho-Ku, Seoul, Korea, Diplomatic Center, room 70
Phone: (822) 574-65-54
Fax: (822) 578-05-76

Embassy of Uzbekistan in Tajikistan
734003, Ozodii Str., Rudaki pr.
Phone: (992-37) 224-76-57, 224-79-89
Fax: 992-37) 224-76-57, 228-99-03

Embassy of Uzbekistan in Turkey
Sancak mahallesi, 211, Sokak N 3, 06550 Yildiz-Cankaya, Ankara
Phone: (90312) 441-38-71
Fax: (90312) 442-70-58
E-mail: uzbekembassy@yahoo.com

Embassy of Uzbekistan in Turkmenistan
744006, Gurogle Str., 50-a
Phone: (993 12) 33-10-55
Fax: (993 12) 33-10-57
E-mail: emuzbek@online.tm

Embassy of Uzbekistan in Ukraine
Kiev, 01901
Vladimirskaya Str., 16
Phone: (044) 501-50-00
Fax: (044) 501-50-01
E-mail: embassy@uzbekistan.org.ua
Phone: (044) 501-41-82

Embassy of Uzbekistan in UAE
Area Barsha 2 Street 36b Villa #34, Dubai, UAE
Embassy of Uzbekistan in USA
1746, Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, DC, 20036-1903
Phone: (1202) 88753-00
Fax: (1202) 293 6804
E-mail: embassy@uzbekistan.org

Permanent Mission in the UN
866 United Nations Plaza,
Suite 326, New York, 10017
Phone: (1212) 486-42-42
Fax: (1212) 486-79-98

Consulate General in Athens
26, Pindou st., Filothei,
Athens, 15237
Phone: (30210) 68-55-256
Fax: (30210) 68-36-285

Consulate General in Bangkok
32, Моо 5, Sukhumvit 62 Soi 1, Bangjak, Phrakanong, Bangkok, 10260
Phone: (662) 741-72-47
Fax: (662) 311-17-49
E-mail: ankhor@uzbinbkk.com

Consulate General in Jeddah
P.O.Box 50036, Jeddah 21523
Phone: (9662) 667-72-50
Fax: (9662) 607-72-60

Consulate General in Dubai
UAE, Dubai, AI-Jumeirah-3, Street N 305 Villa № 2
Phone.: (9714) 394-74-00
Fax: (9714) 394-52-34
Consulate General in New York
866 United Nations Plaza,
Suite 327, New York, 10017
Phone: (1212) 754-74-03
Fax: (1212) 838-98-12

Consulate General in Istanbul
Sehit Halil Ibrahim Caddesi, N 23 Istinye/lstanbul
Phone: (90212) 323-20-37
Fax: (90212) 323-20-40

Consulate General in Frankfurt on Mayn
Jahnstr. 15, 60318
Phone: (4969) 74-05-54
Fax: (4969) 74-05-41

Consulate General in Shanhay
N 258, Wu Song Road, Hong Kou District Yao Jiang Development Centre, Room 801, P.O.Box 200080
Phone: (8621) 246-04-85
Fax: : (8601) 246-04-82