MICE in Uzbekistan

There are some countries with unusual, bright and original color and charm that make them famous even for those ones, who had never been there.

Uzbekistan is a country of contrasts. Synthesis of authentic East and sophisticated West.

Within Tashkent city only you may find old buildings made of hand-formed bricks and modern business-centers, choykhona and luxury "haute cuisine" restaurants.

Keeping the historical value of its culture, Uzbekistan follows the modern development tendencies in all business spheres, including the tourism. One of the most popular trends at present is the Incentive Tourism. And this is reasonable, since Uzbekistan owns all features required for organization of both congress tourism and recreation.

We know how to organize the corporate events of any level and scope: starting from protocol and up to entertaining events. We know how to save your money and time. Our task is to create and to implement the special marketing solutions.

We are pleased to take the full responsibility on organization of your event:

  • Original scenario;
  • Venue ( conference and banquet halls, country hotels) and decoration;
  • Equipment (light, sound, screen, projector, simultaneous translation);
  • Control the settlement of venue and process;
  • Design and production of print-outs and souvenirs;
  • Development of web-presentation site;
  • Multimedia presentation and jingle;
  • Catering (coffee-break, lunch, cocktail, outside catering);
  • Receptions and show programs;
  • Photo & video;
  • Accommodation (hotels of any class);
  • Transport;
  • Corporate trainings (Team-building, Declamatory art, Presentation skills) and corporate events targeted on establishment of corporate culture, strengthening of team spirit, solidarity and emotional involvement of personnel. The purposes of these trainings are the explanation of mission, policy, priorities and expectations, and also, acquaintance of team players with each other and a start for efficiency development.

By the way, the great Eastern ancient scientist and sophist, Aristoteles' adept, Al-Pharabi, had mentioned the high importance of solidarity and organization within the collective: "The group of people following the same opinion and referring to the same authority they are leaded by, might be seen as a single intelligence, and single intelligence might be mistaken. But if various intelligences come together after reflections, self control, disputes, discussions, debates, reviewing from opposite sides there will be no other certain principles rather than the one they came to."

Examples of teambuilding programs provided by OrexCA.com