Frequently asked questions and traveller

If there is permission for export the customs fee should be paid in amount of 100% estimation indicated in the permission.
A special permission for export of mass and serial production created during last fifty years is not required.

How is the crime rate here? Is it safe to move out on the streets late at night?

Tashkent is one of the safest cities in the world with one of the best security and police network functioning at all times. The local police are very friendly, especially to travelers and are always happy to give directions, incase you feel you have lost your way. There are police patrol cars on every road and street corner, and it is safe for even ladies to move around late in the night.

Is English a widely spoken language here?

Unfortunately, English still is not spoken widely here among the local public. The languages spoken here are Uzbek and Russian. Usually English is spoken in private offices, hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops, boutiques and some government offices. However if you do need some help and assistance, you can ask some local youngsters / students who can speak reasonable English nowadays.

What are the local modes of transport here?

Tashkent is a very well balanced and modern city that has a lot of choices in terms of local transportation. There are taxis, buses, trams and also the Underground Metro system that comprises of 3 lines and 29 stations. All the transportation systems are easy and convenient to use and are also economical.

Is it reasonable to take a taxi in Uzbekistan?

Important note: taxis in Uzbekistan excepting Tashkent (there are still some small taxi parks belonging to the State in Tashkent) are mostly presented by private cars without special indications in the form of checkered stripe ("shashechki"), that is why fare should be discussed with a taxi driver in advance. Moreover, it is to remember that taxi fare is several times as less in Uzbekistan as that in other CIS countries. At the same time, travelers are not recommended to take taxi "by chance", it is better to address to the drivers standing on so-called "pyataki" (specially designed area) - crowded places at the crossroads or tourist sightseeing. Despite the fact that fare of these drivers can be higher most of them know the local routes very well. Anyway the best way is to call one of the private taxi service companies which contact information can be easily found due to the Enquiry Service, tel. 009.

I would like to use my own car while travelling in Uzbekistan. What is the procedure of registration?

Temporary import of an own car according to the Provision (registered by the Ministry of the Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan dd 14.12.2004 No 1430) for a period not exceeding 1 month is not liable to customs fee. In this case an obligation of reexport should be filled out at the customs in three copies.

Can I receive a tourist visa to Uzbekistan at the airport upon arrival?

Getting a tourist visa at the airport is possible if there is no embassy of Uzbekistan in your country and only in case of the availability of visa support (have to be provided by touristic company which is organizing your trip).

Attention! Consular fee in this case have to be paid directly at the airport before passing through passport control. The value of the visa fee depends on the duration of the period of stay in Uzbekistan and the urgency of a visa support (for an urgent visa fee will increase).

For formalities and issuance of visas according to Uzbekistan legislation are due to pay the following consular fees:

Single-entry visas:
- Up to 7 days - 40 US$;
- Up to 15 days - 50 US$;
- Up to 30 days - 60 US$.

Note: For each additional extension of the period of stay the entry tariff increases by 10 US$.

Very important! At passport control, with your consent (or, at your request - for example if you changed plans and decided to reduce the duration of the trip) you can request a visa for a shorter period than stated in the letter of invitation and, accordingly, the visa fee will be less. Just please be careful when receiving passport, make sure that your date of departure from Uzbekistan is within a period of stay covered by your visa. Otherwise, if later at passport control before departure it turns out that the visa indicated a shorter period of stay, you will have to pay more for procedures and services in order to extend the visa. The extension fee may vary from 40 to 70 USD (depending on the urgency and the number of days)!

Please specify the requirement for provision of a "letter from working place" in case of self-employed individuals?

The letter from a work place is given by citizens of all countries addressing for the entry visa to Uzbekistan, except for citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and Moldova on whom the visa-free regime extends.

The given requirement is not the unique requirement of the authorities of Uzbekistan, and in turn is similar, to corresponding requirement of the authorities of the countries with which the visa regime for citizens of Republic Uzbekistan operates.

The letter from a work place means documentary acknowledgement of that fact that the competitor of the visa to Uzbekistan possesses a permanent job and a stable source of the income, accordingly has strong reasons to return to the country of constant residing that is sufficient acknowledgement of that the competitor is not the potential migrant.

It is necessary to admit that requirements of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Uzbekistan do not consider such category of potential tourists, as self-occupied persons and pensioners. However the law is the law and if you want to arrive to Uzbekistan it is necessary for you to fulfill all corresponding requirements. In this case it is possible to recommend only to apply to friends or acquaintances who can help to write to you on behalf of the company or the organization where they work, corresponding the letter. The letter from a work place should be obligatory in a package of given documents.

What clothes are wearable for the woman in Uzbekistan in summer? I suspect that there it is not accepted to go in shorts.

Uzbekistan is a modern country and the secular state with a hot climate. In our cities shorts, shoulder-straps, a d?collet?, miniskirts, deep cuts and high heels are actual for women. In rural district customs are more conservative, as, however, everywhere in the world, therefore it is not recommended to dress too short shorts and vests with very deep cut... Also keep in mind that in tourist programs excursions are frequently included mosques, madrassahs and necropolises, where dress-code rules are the same, as well as in operating orthodox temples.

As a whole the situation reminds Turkey very much where the most part of women is emancipated and dressed on-European, but their small part carries scarves - nikabs and traditional clothes.