Services of Tashkent Airport

Packaging desk of Tashkent Airport (24 hours)

We recommend you wrap all soft, non-locked luggage before checking in your baggage.

Payment for luggage in Tashkent Airport (24 hours)

Additional charges are levied on every piece of luggage over 20 kilograms.

Luggage claim area of Tashkent Airport

Luggage may be claimed in arrival lounges upon presentation of luggage tickets.

Luggage office of Tashkent Airport (24 hours)

You may leave your possessions in the luggage office for any length of time.

Lost and Found of Tashkent Airport (24 hours)

Contact the lost and found office in case you are parted from your luggage or possessions

tel.: (+998 71) 140-29-14, 140-29-16

Veterinary control of Tashkent Airport (24 hours)

In order to transport animals by air you must contact the veterinary control service for appropriate documents.

tel.: (+998 71) 259 16 79

Agricultural control of Tashkent Airport (24 hours)

When transporting plant material we recommend you visit the agricultural control service, where you can obtain information on the rules of transporting agricultural products.

tel.: (+998 71) 259 13 61

Child care center of Tashkent Airport (24 hours)

Medical center and disability service (24 hours)

Professional medical help. Medical service officials also assist disabled people.

tel.: (+998 71) 255 19 82

Police of Tashkent Airport (24 hours)

Report criminal activity to the local interior affairs department.

tel: (+998 71) 254 59 70

Manager of Tashkent Airport (24 hours)

Duty-free shop of Tashkent Airport (24 hours)

Restaurant and bar of Tashkent Airport (24 hours)

Information desk of Tashkent Airport (24 hours)

Contact the information desk for all questions regarding airport services, flights, schedules and extra services.

tel.: (+998 71) 066, (+998 71) 140 28 01, 140 28 02, 140 28 03, 140 28 04

Booking office of Tashkent Airport

To make reservations or cancellations, or for questions regarding fares and fare discounts and permission to carry specific types of luggage, you may refer to the offices of airlines on the 2nd floor.

tel.: (+998 71) 233 34 59

Bus stop

Express buses travel between the Tashkent airport and metro station every 10 minutes.

Taxi area

Shuttle minibus area

Minibuses leave for the metro as soon as they are full.

Parking across from terminal (24 hours)

Bank office, ATMs (24 hours)

Currency exchange and other banking transactions.


You may use calling cards to place local, intercity or long distance calls from any telephone. Cards are sold in the Duty Free shop.

Post office (24 hours)

Shops (24 hours)