Important Uzbekistan Tourist Information

Uzbekistan remains a safe country for tourists, with very low instances of both violent and petty crime. Nevertheless, in order to minimize potential problems when traveling, please be aware of the following safety-related Uzbekistan tourist information:

  • To avoid fraud and other illegal activity, always exchange foreign currency at official exchange offices or ATMs;
  • Do not leave your luggage, personal belongings or documents unattended in public places;
  • Keep money and important documents in the inner pockets of your clothing, particularly at crowded touristic sites and bazaars and on public transport;
  • Be careful to observe traffic rules and to cross the streets with caution;
  • Do not smoke in non-designated areas;
  • Do not drink alcohol in public spaces (streets, parks, etc);
  • Take good care of nature and all historical and cultural monuments.

Uzbekistan Tourist Police

Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Tourism has been taking intentional steps to ensure the comfort and safety of its tourists, with the formation of the Uzbekistan tourist police one its most recent measures.

The officers will be patrolling touristic sites and other popular locales to help ensure the safety of visitors. Their responsibilities include:

  • protecting your rights, freedoms and legal interests;
  • providing you with essential safety tips and other helpful Uzbekistan tourist information;
  • providing prompt assistance in emergency situations.

All Uzbekistan tourist police officers speak at least one foreign language and have been trained to make visitors feel at ease. The officers have cars, buses and scooters with special insignia at their disposal, and the vehicles are also equipped with personal tablets and video surveillance systems.

Emergency Situations

Should you happen to be the victim of any form of crime, you are advised to contact the tourist hotline (see below) immediately. Please be prepared to provide the following info over the phone:

  • the address of your location, or the nearest landmark;
  • the nature of the incident, including any injuries sustained;
  • other details pertaining to the incident or any ongoing threat to your safety.

The dispatcher will work to ensure that the appropriate authorities (tourist police, law enforcement officers and/or medical personnel) reach your location as soon as possible.

Important Contact Info for Tourists:

  • 1173 (tourist hot line)
  • 1102 (police helpline)
  • 102 (police emergency call center)

Police Contact Info by City:

  • Tashkent: +998990109242
  • Tashkent Region: +998707624029
  • Samarkand: +998622235354
  • Bukhara: +998652204180
  • Khiva: +998622204408
  • Termez: +998762290145