Navoi, Uzbekistan

Navoi, Uzbekistan

Geographical coordinates: 40°05′03″ N 65°22′45″
Former names: Kermine
Elevation: 382 m
Popular languages Uzbek, Russian, Tajik
Time zone: UTC+5
Automobile codes: 85
Population: 134 000 (2017) -
Nationals: Uzbek, Russian, Tatar, Kazakh, Tajik
Phone code: +998 79
Zip code: 2101XX

For short-term visitors, Navoi Province offers camel trekking and desert safaris, Bronze Age petroglyphs and medieval caravanserais. Lake Aidarkul is one of the best birdwatching sites in Uzbekistan, and it is possible to stay in yurts along the shore.

Navoi, Uzbekistan
City Center
Navoi, Uzbekistan
Central Park

The word "rabat" in Arabic means "castle" or "fortress". It was used to refer to the fortified settlements and resting places found along caravan routes. One such settlement, called "Rabat Malik", stood along the "Great Silk Road", and one can still see its ruins today on the road from Samarkand to Bukhara. During the heyday of the Silk Road, travelers and traders from far-flung nations gathered within the walls of this fortress. There they found shelter, protection, and the opportunity to share their impressions, opinions and experiences.

Navoi, Uzbekistan
Rabat-i Malik
Navoi, Uzbekistan
Kasym Shayh Complex