Day Trips in Uzbekistan

Day trips in Uzbekistan are an excellent option for anyone who would like to make the most of their leisure time in country. Whether you are a world traveler passing through Uzbekistan or are living in the heart of Central Asia, we are happy to offer you a variety of unique trips in Tashkent and the surrounding area.

If you’re looking for something beyond museums and mausoleums, we have you covered. Why not visit a reindeer farm, which promises gorgeous photos and relaxing mountain scenery along with plenty of furry creatures. Animal lovers will also appreciate a tour of the ostrich farm, where you can get acquainted with these exotic birds and other wildlife.

For those wanting a more traditional experience of Uzbekistan’s historic and cultural side, be sure to check out our classic day tours, or contact us to arrange a personalized experience.

As we are continuing to expand our Day Trips to Uzbekistan, we invite you to browse all of our latest tours below!

Ostrich Farm Tour from Tashkent Ostrich Farm Tour from Tashkent
1 Day | All year round | Ostrich farm
The ostrich farm near Tashkent is home to more than 40 ostriches and many chickens, goats and giant rabbits. On this day tour you will learn all about the largest birds on earth as you observe them up close, watch an ostrich egg demonstration, pet the smaller animals and enjoy a unique ostrich egg omelet.

Physics-Sun Day Tour from Tashkent Physics-Sun Day Tour from Tashkent
1 Day | All year round | Solar Furnace, Heliostat Mirrors, Concentrator
Physics-Sun Day Tour from Tashkent is a scientific discovery like no other at the second-largest solar furnace in the world, where you will visit a field of heliostat mirrors, tour a small museum, climb a concentrator and enjoy the scenic outdoors in the foothills of Uzbekistan’s Tian-Shan Mountains.

Tour to Ecocenter Jeyran in Bukhara Tour to Ecocenter Jeyran in Bukhara
1 Day | March-May, August-October | Ecocenter Jeyran
Find the unique place for ecotourism which offers an opportunity to get to know the nature of the Kyzylkum desert and Bukhara with the Tour to Ecocenter Jeyran in Bukhara.

Day Tour to Kokand, Fergana Valley Day Trip to Kokand, Fergana Valley
1 Day | All year round | Kokand
Day trip to Kokand, Fergana Valley offers many thrilling adventures. Visit the majestic Palace of Khudoyar-Khan, learn about the local culture at Kokand Regional Studies Museum, and time travel at the Norbutabiy Madrasah, built in the 18th century.