Day Trips in Uzbekistan

Day trips in Uzbekistan are an excellent option for anyone who would like to make the most of their leisure time in country. Whether you are a world traveler passing through Uzbekistan or are living in the heart of Central Asia, we are happy to offer you a variety of unique trips in Tashkent and the surrounding area.

If you’re looking for something beyond museums and mausoleums, we have you covered. Why not visit a reindeer farm, which promises gorgeous photos and relaxing mountain scenery along with plenty of furry creatures. Animal lovers will also appreciate a tour of the ostrich farm, where you can get acquainted with these exotic birds and other wildlife.

For those wanting a more traditional experience of Uzbekistan’s historic and cultural side, be sure to check out our classic day tours, or contact us to arrange a personalized experience.

As we are continuing to expand our Day Trips to Uzbekistan, we invite you to browse all of our latest tours below!