Tours by Countries

If you’re interested in the fascinating history of the Great Silk Road and want to see the blue domes and minarets of medieval mosques and madrassahs, vibrant oriental bazaars bursting with fresh produce, and stunning scenery from the Aral Sea and Kyzylkum Desert to the Tien Shan mountaintops, you need to visit Uzbekistan. We offer special tours to Uzbekistan for visitors from China, India, Japan, and Korea. These allow you to hear from guides in your own language and, on our group tours, share the experience with others from your home country. The departure dates are conveniently timed to coincide with your major holidays. Our itineraries are well-organised, and specially-designed to reflect your specific interests. Whether you want to learn about Uzbekistan’s Korean community, visit the monument to Lal Bahadur Shastri, or simply know where to find good Chinese, Indian, Japanese, or Korean food in Tashkent, let us show you!