Excursions in Uzbekistan

Tashkent, day- and night-time excursions in the capital city of Uzbekistan

For those who truly love to travel, each new trip, tour or journey is a possibility to see and hear something new, which means, adding something to their piggy-bank of knowledge and impressions. "City tours" were created just for such types of active and curious people, in this case, the tour around Tashkent, the capital city of Uzbekistan.

Tashkent. It is something that is unique in nature. As such, therefore, it is something of extremely high value. It is not by chance that Tashkent has been compared to a pearl. One can be fully justified in claiming that Tashkent is a rarity, a wonder, a unique place. A phenomena, if you like.

This city whose history spans two millennia has become, as Uzbekistan itself, a blend of the great cultures of Asia, and a symbiosis of Oriental and Western civilizations. In the beginning, it was a mixture of Persian, Hellenistic, Indo-Buddhist, Turkic, Arabian Muslim, and, naturally, local culture. Afterwards, this spicy cocktail was influenced by Jewish, Russian, Tartar, Armenian, Korean and other cultures, which made it taste even more rich and piquant.

One may hardly agree with Hemingway's statement that, in reality, there is no "Oriental mystery". The East, Uzbekistan, and, even more so, Tashkent, is something beyond the limits. Maybe that is why thousands of people from all parts of the world come here. Each of them seeks and finds something special for themselves. One may recall the boys from A. Neverov's book, "Tashkent, the town of bread" who dreamed about coming from the hungry Russia of the 1920s to the fabulously rich city of Tashkent to bring back wheat to feed their families. They sought grain, but found none. Yet, during World War II, orphaned children evacuated from all of the Soviet Union found here not only bread, but new parents, and a new Motherland. And poets, writers and scientists found in Uzbekistan a safe haven and a new inspiration. The volunteers that came to re-build the city after the devastating earthquake of 26 April 1966 found hospitality and warmth. Tashkent is a city of plenty... They went home not as citizens of Minsk, Moscow, Riga, Kiev, Almaty, etc., but as citizens of Tashkent. And it is understood that they were right in that. These new citizens of Tashkent have formed a perfect fellowship.

Tashkent - the Star of the East: Introductory tour of the city of beauty Tashkent
1 Day | Tashkent
Introductory tour of the city of beauty Tashkent