Trading domes, Bukhara

Medieval Bukhara was a big business city receiving merchants from Central Asia, Iran and India, Russia and China. The trading status of Bukhara influenced its planning and architecture. Central streets played a roleof markets, each of which specialized in some products. So, domed and multi-arched buildings were constructed on the squares and crossroads to make sale more comfortable. They were named "tok"-arch, dome. Three such structures survive to this day. These are Toki-Zargaron (dome of jewelers), Toki-Sarrafon (dome of moneychangers) and Toki-Tilpak-Furushon (dome of headwear sellers).

These domes-"Toks" of the 15th-16th centuries blocked crossroads. They directed traffic, unloading arterial road and organizing trade. Shops and workshops were located inside on perimeter. Architecturally and functionally Tim of Abdullakhan belongs to "Toks". This is large multi-dome mall for silk sale. In the center of Tim there is a big area for sale. Dome gallery with fifty six shops is going on its perimeter.