Amusement Parks in Tashkent

Famous Tashkent parks and squares

Aqua Park Aqua Park Pool & Recreation area
On a scorching sunny day, one is irresistibly drawn to immerse oneself in the nearest body of cool water! Fulfilling this need is easy, without leaving the comfort of the Capital city. The modern "Aquapark" entertainment complex, in the heart of Tashkent, offers an excellent opportunity for a variety of fun activities on the water!..
Aqua Park Aqualand Entertainment Complex
Address: Yunus-Abad, Tashkent
Reference points: "Golden Valley" restaurant, "Chinabad" sanatorium, Toolmaker
Tel.: (+998 71) 212 01 54, 212 01 55, 212 18 56
Tashkent Land Tashkent Land
Where to go for a fun afternoon with a group of friends? Where can guests of our city, exhausted from touring the majestic ancient monuments, go to relax? What do children in Tashkent and Tashkent region dream about? Of course, this Tashkent Disneyland...
Japanese Garden Japanese Garden
In the very heart of Tashkent, behind the International Business Centre which is next to the Hotel InterContinental you may quite unexpectedly discover a beauty spot of nature - a unique 'Japanese garden'. The garden owes its name to its developers. Many old residents still remember the time half a century ago (and it was the year of 1947), when a park was started on the waste plot of land...
Aqua Park Tashkent ZOO
Tashkent Zoological park is a cultural, educational and research establishment. The Tashkent Zoo was founded in 1924 on the basis of the small menagerie which existed at that time at an art museum on the territory of a former country summer estate of the governor general, at the initiative of scientific biologists; an area of about 3 hectares was allocated for the Zoo...
Tashkent Lake Side Golf Club Tashkent Lake Side Golf Club
Ideal climate, clean air, wonderful views, natural landscapes - hilly lowlands, fields crossed with the tree lines, lakes and vegetation makes for this. 108 hectares of land with 18 holes on evergreen lawns, with gently sloping hills and branchy crowns of trees, lakes and waterfalls that serve as natural barriers for the game, all this pertains to "Tashkent Lake Side Golf Club"....
<b>Botanical Garden</b> Botanical Garden
The foundation of the botanic garden of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan dates back to the 20s of the last century. The garden started to have its modern shape in the 50s under the supervision of academician Fedor Nikolaevich Rusanov. Nowadays the garden has a collection of plants from Eastern Asia, North America, Central Asia, Europe, Far East, the Crimea...


Central Park nomed Alisher Navoy Central Park named after Alisher Navoiy
The thirties of the last century are known for big construction work in the countries of Central Asia. Many parks in Tashkent were laid at this time. In 1932 in close vicinity of the modern Almazar street a park was laid, its construction was completed in 1937. Now the park bears the name of great enlightener Alisher Navoiy...
Independence Square Independence Square
On the largest square of the Republic of Uzbekistan sit the administrative headquarters of the Cabinet of Ministers and Senate. In the past few years Mustakillik Square, thanks to extensive reconstruction projects, has changed immensely, not only in style but in meaning. It remains the most important square in the country, a symbol of freedom and independence, and a place of worship, where the hopes and dreams of our generation are expressed.
Ankhor Park Ankhor Park
along the Ankhor River
behind Mustakillik Square
<b>Gafur Gulyam Park</b> Gafur Gulyam Park
21, Bunyodkor Str.
tel.: (+998 71) 277 26 10, 277 25 48


Mirzo Ulugbek Park (Formerly Telman park) Mirzo Ulugbek Park (Formerly Telman park)
21, Yakub Kolas Str.
tel.: (+998 71) 233 40 16


Babur Park Babur Park
33, Bobur Str.
tel.: (+998 71) 255 32 06


Park nomed Abdulla Kadyry Park named after Abdulla Kadyry
6, Zaykarnar Str.
Amir Temur Square Amir Timur Square
Amir Timur Square,
Center of Tashkent