Botanic Garden, Tashkent

Botanic Garden, Tashkent

Location: The botanic garden with the area of 66 hectares is located in D. Abidova Street.
Phone: (+998 71) 289 10 60

Work schedule: 09:00 - 18:00, seven days a week

Description: The foundation of the botanic garden of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan dates back to the 20s of the last century. The garden started to have its modern shape in the 50s under the supervision of academician Fedor Nikolaevich Rusanov.

Nowadays the garden has a collection of plants from Eastern Asia, North America, Central Asia, Europe, Far East, the Crimea. There are more than 4500 species, forms, varieties and breeds of trees, shrubs, half-shrubs, lianas, herbaceous plants.

The botanic garden is a museum, a book under the open sky, which is filled with the eternal life of the unity of a human being and nature and striking with the diversity of forms, species, colors.

One can come with children for a walk here, bring students for a fascinating excursion to be conducted by a professional guide who will tell the story of each tree and shrub in this huge park explaining when and from what place each of the species had been brought and occasionally will inform the visitors about the history of druids. You will be curious to learn which tree is related to your date of birth and finding that tree will lean against its trunk absorbing the positive energy of these silent contemplators of our bustling life.

Do come here in spring, when the air is filled with the fragrance of violets, which grow all over the garden as whole spots, when you can smell the sweet odor of elder overgrown everywhere. You will be delighted with the beautiful view of numerous varieties of blooming tulips. Do not forget to visit a special nursery where local medicinal herbs as well as rare species of stinking irises are grown. On the way to the nursery you will come upon two ponds with Indian lotuses which blossom beautifully at the end of spring.

By all means drop in at the garden in summer to enjoy the shady coolness and amazing peace on hot languishing summer days, to walk around the pond filled with water for summer time. You may be lucky to have a chance to see a real blue bird living on the lake, the bird is completely blue or rather light blue and of the size of a big dove.

But the garden is especially picturesque in autumn. The riot of the garden's colors in combination with particularly fresh and clean air evokes a blissful state of calm and quiet. And amidst the leafless tree branches you can easily find mischievous squirrels which have selected this a bit wild place in the heart of a huge city for their home.

And if you feel like eating something during your fascinating walks along the intricate paths of the garden you can always have a snack in a small cafe under centuries old plane trees fully under the impression of being in a wild forest, because you will have for chairs and tables billets of wood of various sizes.

Come to the botanical garden to find peace for your soul!