Tashkent Lakeside Golf Club

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Location: Tashkent, Bektemir region, Lake Rokhat-1

Tashkent Lakeside Golf Club Golf, deeply revered in Western Europe and America with many adherents who make it their way of life, is becoming more and more popular in Uzbekistan. A perfectly organized a golf country club and first class golf course has now been created in Tashkent, where high level competitions are often held.

Tashkent Lakeside Golf Club Ideal climate, clean air, wonderful views, natural landscapes - hilly lowlands, fields crossed with the tree lines, lakes and vegetation makes for this. 108 hectares of land with 18 holes on evergreen lawns, with gently sloping hills and branchy crowns of trees, lakes and waterfalls that serve as natural barriers for the game, all this pertains to "Tashkent Lake Side Golf Club".

Here the golf fields, which are 7015 yards long, challenge the proficient golf players, and at the same time enable the beginners to perfect their skills.
Picturesque lakes surrounding the fields impart peculiar characteristics to each of 18 holes. Meandering along the lakes and waterfalls, the fields make an atmosphere of an oasis typical for inland plains of Central Asian.

Tashkent Lakeside Golf Club It will take you 20 minutes to get to this Rokhat suburban recreation area from the center of the capital. This first-class Golf Club was constructed with the assistance of American company "Olden Star Inc" and was opened for visitors in August, 1998. Playing golf is a real pleasure! Everyone can play it, irrespective of age, sex and physical fitness. This is one of the few sports, which all the family can go in for the whole year round. In Uzbekistan, noted for its warm climate that allows playing outdoor games at any season of the year, one can really play golf all the year round.

Golf is an ancient game. It appeared 700 years ago concurrently in several countries, but still Scotland is considered to be a homeland of golf. It was created by shepherds, who whiled away the time by driving the stones into the holes with the help of sticks, whilst flocks of sheep were grazing in the meadows.

Tashkent Lakeside Golf Club In spite of the fact that Tashkent lakeside golf club is young, it becomes more and more popular among the golf players. More than 100 hundred players from USA, UK, Japan, Canada, Malaysia, Holland, South Korea took part in the first open golf tournament of Uzbekistan.

For instance, golf players from South Korea find it more convenient and profitable to fly to Tashkent for a weekend rather than wait for their turn in the expensive golf club in their home country.

Climatic conditions of Uzbekistan ensure that golf fields are green and in perfect condition all the year round. Whereas in Russia, where golf is extremely popular nowadays, severe winter frosts and cold rainy days in autumn and spring make golf a season game. Therefore golf fans from Moscow and other Russian cities come to Uzbekistan in order to play golf.

Tashkent Lakeside Golf Club Many employees of foreign embassies, foreign representative offices, trading and manufacturing companies and, of course, business elite of Tashkent are the constant members of Tashkent Lake side golf club. Today golf is not only the playground where golfers can prove themselves.

Tashkent lakeside golf club possesses a large recreational area with training lawns, tennis courts, swimming pool, sauna, guesthouse, and restaurant with excellent cuisine.

Tashkent Lakeside Golf Club For many golf devotees, this aristocratic game has become a life style. Members of this country club get together in informal atmosphere to converse about the things they are interested in as well as to discuss some business matters and to make a deal. As a matter of fact the unofficial objective of the golf club is to provide for the club members the favorable conditions for making contacts, to help them to find partners not only for golf game but also for business cooperation. After all, some of the foreign guests come to Uzbekistan having neither friends nor business partners here. Thus golf club membership becomes a kind of a good business card for them.

Very often guests coming to Uzbekistan kill two birds with one stone.
They combine playing golf with touring Uzbekistan's ancient cities located along the Great Silk Road. Impressions gained during the excursions to the ancient architectural constructions of Shakhrisabz and Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva, which are included into UNESCO world heritage list, are just unforgettable; they fascinate and command respect towards the historical and cultural background of Uzbek people. After familiarizing themselves with this "oriental tale", the visit to the Tashkent Lake side golf club, the prestigious center of the very "West-European" sport in the heart of Central Asia, becomes particularly exciting.