Orthodox churches in Uzbekistan

Churches of Tashkent Saint-Uspensky Sobor (Assumption Cathedral) >>>
The military campaign was being in a progress on the territory of Central Asia in the 60's of 19th century and the need in creation of a military hospital had arisen in Tashkent. A cemetery for militaries was created nearby the military hospital at the same location. A temporary bell tower was built closely to the hospital and the cemetery; it was consecrated in the name of Saint Panteleimon the Healer on 30 September 1871. ...
Churches of Tashkent Cathedral of Saint Blessed Prince Aleksandr Nevsky >>>
The foundation of a new church was laid in the name of Saint Blessed Prince Aleksandr Nevsky on a small hill inside the Orthodox town cemetery, nowadays called Botkinskoe, in Tashkent on November 23, 1902. The first stone of the cathedral construction was consecrated on December 6, 1902. The cathedral was built in 1903-1904 as per the order given by a former District Engineering Command. Initial money for the cathedral construction was given by the Chief of Engineers general Vernander. Construction of the church was completely finished in 1905...
Churches of Tashkent The cathedral of Equal-to-the-Apostles Great Prince Vladimir >>>
At the 23rd of August 1991, the city executive committee of Tashkent made a decision to hand over the building that has been built in 1970 and which was intended to be a hall of civil funeral rites as per architectural design to the Russian Orthodox Church (the building is located in cemetery area of Dombrabad-2, Chilanzar district of Tashkent). The building was in a sad state. The ecclesiarch of Uspensky Cathedral Father Igor Baluxatin received the blessing of the Holy Great Prince Vladimir (the archbishop of Tashkent and the Central Asia) for foundation of ecclesiastical benefice on this area in September, 1991...
Holy Martyr Patriarch Ermogen Cathedral >>>
The cathedral of Holy Martyr Patriarch Ermogen was consecrated on December 29, 1956. A house of worship was opened at the initiative of Orthodox believers in 1948. Priest Father Dimitry Dyagilev used to work here; next priest was Father Johan Kashtanov. House of worship was existing for a short period - two years only...


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