Holy Martyr Patriarch Ermogen Cathedral, Tashkent

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The cathedral of Holy Martyr Patriarch Ermogen was consecrated on December 29, 1956. A house of worship was opened at the initiative of Orthodox believers in 1948. Priest Father Dimitry Dyagilev used to work here; next priest was Father Johan Kashtanov. House of worship was existing for a short period - two years only.

On October 27, 1950 the antimension was got by Diocesan Administration (it was consecrated by Triphon -bishop of Dimitry on June 6, 1911). However, the Christians strained after creating their own church by all means. It was in 1954 when archbishop Ermogen was reigning there. A priest Father Sergy Nikitin was entrusted by archpriest to purchase for the Eparchy three ordinary living premises which were intended to be changed into a church. Permission for erection and consecration of the church followed in two years only.

A room was changed and improved with God's Help. New icons were painted and granted as a gift. Later a new cupola was erected also. Holy Gates were taken from Saint-Uspensky Sobor (Assumption Cathedral) and transferred to the Cathedral of Holy Martyr Patriarch Ermogen. The most remarkable one amongst the icons is an ancient Athon scripted icon of Sanctifier Nicholas Mirikliysky the Miracle-worker (1899), icon-setting of Holy Virgin of Iver and others.

The following priests were served in the consecrated church - Father Sergy Nikitin, later becoming Stephan the bishop of Kaluga, then Father Timofey Polishuk, Father Feodosy Reshetnyak, Father Maksim Platonov, abbot George Kaspersky, Father Velentine Nikonov, Father Nilolay Smirnov, Father Vasily Vaynakov and monk-priest Vissarion (Makarov).

From 1973 till 1985 an arch-priest Mikhail Kotlyarov was a beneficiary of the church, from 1985 till 2003 - an arch-priest Sergy Nesterenko. Present day the beneficiary of the church is an anti-priest Pakhomy Lay. The cathedral is developed and civil works are still in progress. Administrative campus is being re-built and a new delubrum is being erected.

Holy Martyr Patriarch Ermogen Cathedral
Holy Martyr Patriarch Ermogen Cathedral