Ak-Sarai Mausoleum, Samarkand

Ak-Sarai Mausoleum The Ak-Sarai Mausoleum of the 1470's is located to the southeast of Gur-Emir. It is deemed a male necropolis of the last Samarkand Temurids. The mausoleum was built under the order of the Temurid governor Abu Sa'id (1451-1468/9).

Ak-Sarai Mausoleum In 1457 Abu Sa'id conquered Khurasan and moved the capital to Herat. In 1468/9 he was killed in Azerbaijan fighting against the Turkmen. The mausoleum has an underground octahedral crypt. Some headless person is buried in a special niche by the eastern wall. It might be a tomb of Ulugbeg's son Ab-dullatif (1449-1450) who was executed for murdering his father.