Chimgan Tours

With OrexCA’s tours to Chimgan, you can get a taste of Europe without ever leaving Uzbekistan. Chimgan has been dubbed "the Switzerland of Uzbekistan", and rightly so. Ski resorts, alpine meadows dotted with flowers and herbs, clean air, mineral water springs – all await you on your Chimgan tour.

Chimgan is the perfect place for nature and adventure tourism. Take a ride on the cable cars of Beldersay Gorge up to Kumbel Peak in the Chimgan Mountains and enjoy hiking, climbing, paragliding and horseback riding in spring, summer and autumn. In wintertime, skiing and snowboarding are also available.

Chimgan and Charvak Day Tour
1 Day | Spring, summer, autumn | Chimgan, Charvak
The Chimgan and Charvak Day Tour is a refreshing detour from city life into the wildly popular Chimgan Resort in Uzbekistan’s Ugam-Chatkal National Park. Spend the day among gently sloping peaks, mountain villages and the pristine waters of Charvak Lake, and you’ll quickly understand why this spot is a local favorite.