Charvak Tours

A tour to Charvak is a tour to the favorite local spot for cooling off and relaxing on hot summer days. Tashkent residents and guests alike enjoy the refreshing coolness of Charvak, an artificial lake about an hour's drive from Tashkent. Tours to Charvak are a literal breath of fresh, pure mountain air, soft sun, green slopes and picturesque mountain landscapes. At the Charvak Oromgokhi (Charvak Rest Area) you can swim, sunbathe, relax in the shade of a poplar tree or have a tasty meal.

At the Charvak Reservoir you can take picturesque photos, go on a hike through the hills or enjoy the scenery while paragliding. Afterwards, stop by to see the fascinating petroglyphs of Khodjikent.

Chimgan and Charvak Day Tour Chimgan and Charvak Day Tour
1 Day | Spring, summer, autumn | Chimgan, Charvak
The Chimgan and Charvak Day Tour is a refreshing detour from city life into the wildly popular Chimgan Resort in Uzbekistan’s Ugam-Chatkal National Park. Spend the day among gently sloping peaks, mountain villages and the pristine waters of Charvak Lake, and you’ll quickly understand why this spot is a local favorite.