Boysun Tours

Explore an Uzbek village of days gone by with our tours to fascinating Boysun, which has preserved its ancient traditions and unique culture.

Boysun Wellness Tour
from US$ 140
2 Days | April-May, September | Boysun village, Derbent Canyon, Xo’ja Mayxona Spring, Kyzyl Canyon, Boysun Forest, Padang village, Omonkhona Health Resort
Boysun Wellness Tour is a 2-day getaway into one of the most gorgeous regions of Uzbekistan. Your tour will include cultural workshops in Boysun village, light hiking in Derbent Canyon, a picnic near a mountain spring and a visit to Omonkhona Health Resort, renowned for its natural mineral waters.
Two-Day Termez Tour Two-Day Termez Tour
from US$ 350
2 Days | All year round | Tashkent, Termez, Jarkurgan, Kumkurgan, Shurchi, Boysun, Derbent, Samarkand
Termez is one of the oldest cities in Central Asia, situated in a cradle of civilization and filled with ancient Buddhist temples, sacred Sufi holy sites, coins and pottery from dynasties long vanished from the earth. On a 2-day Termez Tour with OrexCA, you’ll delve into the mysterious and diverse past of Termez, an historical adventure that won’t be soon forgotten.
Uzbekistan-Tajikistan 10-Day Tour Uzbekistan-Tajikistan 10-Day Tour
10 Days | April-October | Uzbekistan, Tajikistan
Uzbekistan-Tajikistan 10-Day Tour is one of our most unique excursions - travel through isolated border and mountain enclaves, sprawling village bazaars, and a famed mountain pass and canyon once accessed by world conquerors. Tour the birthplace of Tamerlane and experience renowned Samarkand, Bukhara and Dushanbe before a refreshing day spent at Tajikistan’s Iskanderkul Lake.