Memorial house museum of Yuldash Akhunbabayev, Tashkent

In the years of the 1930s and 1940s, Yuldash Akhunbabayev made a considerable contribution to the development of the economy and culture of Uzbekistan. During this time, he took part in organizing irrigation and agricultural projects. He also participated in the Cultural Revolution, in the liquidation of illiteracy and the freeing of women.

This museum preserves the original interior of his house, along with the documentary part of the exposition. The authentic personal belongings of Akhunbabayev's family, and many early 20th с. household items, photographs and sculptural monument of this honored Uzbek elder are displayed here.

The House museum of Yuldash Akhunbabayev (1885-1943), an outstanding state figure of Uzbekistan, is located in the very center of Tashkent, where the old houses have been preserved. The museum is a one-story mansion, built before the revolution of 1917. Yuldash Akhunbabayev lived here in 1938-1943, while he was Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR and Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of Uzbekistan.

His long journey from a former field hand from the Fergana Valley to an outstanding state figure was a result of his active participation in the development of the new society and state after the October revolution.

Info used from "Arts & Culture program"