Mukhtar Ashrafi, Tashkent

"I am a son of Bukhara with it's thousand years of culture!"

Mukhtar Ashrafi's House museum is devoted to the famous Uzbek composer and conductor, People's Artist of the USSR, and one of the founders of the national opera, who dedicated his entire life to the development of Uzbekistan's musical culture.

The museum was opened to visitors in 1982. The museum occupies the apartment in which Mukhtar Ashrafi lived and worked from 1965 to 1975. It was here that Ashrafi created his ballets "Amulet of Love", "Timur Malik", the oratorio "Legend of Rustam" and the first chapter of his memoirs.

The museum exposition includes M. Ashafi's personal archives (1930-1970s), which is of great interest to historians, musical critics, and all those who are interested in Uzbek musical culture.

The museum has manuscripts, pictures, documents, playbills, handbills, books, printed music, and records, as well as a collection of Uzbek musical instruments. The musical scores of the first compositions, and materials on the first national opera "Snowstorm" (co-authored with S. N. Vasilenko) are on display here. The museum exposition acquaints visitors with Ashrafi's creative activity in the 1940-50s.In the war years, the composer wrote his famous "Heroic Symphony" and the "Victors".

In the 1950-70s he composed the operas "Dilorom" and "Poet's Heart" and a number of symphonic pieces. The museum expositions show how Ashraf worked on those pieces. The museum has a music room where chamber concerts and small exhibitions are held. Here one can listen to records of Mukhtar Ashrafi's music.

Address: 15/25, C1, Tashkent, 100000
Phone: (+998 71) 233 23 84

Info used from "Arts & Culture program"