House museum of Aybek Musa Tashmukhamedov, Tashkent

The house museum of Aybek Musa Tashmukhamedov (1905-1968) is in one of old areas of Tashkent. Here, in the silent street of Tazetdinova (earlier Kislovodsk), in 1940 Aybek lived with his family.

In the scientific library of the museum there are books, magazines, newspaper cuttings, the first publications of editions in various languages, literature on the life and creativity of the writer, and copies of the classics of Eastern literature: Navoi, Fuzli, Hafiza, Sufi Allayara, Yassavi, etc.

The literary exposition, devoted to the life and creativity of the writer, is distributed across five halls of the one story house, constructed in the 40s. The memorial portion is located in 6 rooms of a 2 story building, constructed as a project of the spouse of writer Z. N. Saidnasyrovoj in 1958.

The property of the museum is of great interest for Orientalists, philologists, and historians. Here manuscripts, autographed works of art, many first editions, scientific publications, diaries, letters, notebooks, and photos are stored.

The halls of the museum is decorated with the tributes to the creations of Aybek of U. Tansykbaeva, A. Abdullaev, L. Bure, A. Tsiglintseva, and J. Strelnikov.
"Though nothing remains but ashes of those who lived and created for a thousand years before us - scientific writers and poets, - the treasures of their reason are preserved in books".

Aybek (Musa Tashmukhamedov 1905-1968) - a classicist of Uzbek literature, master of great prose, poet, scientist, translator, publicist, winner of state premiums of the USSR and UzSSR, academician of the Academy of sciences of the UzSSR. "The wind of the Gold valley", "the Great way" is known under the well-known novels "Sacred blood" and "Navoi". Ajbeka drew to himself many artists; to the house visited many representatives of the intelligentsia of that epoch.

Memorial House museum named after Oybek
26, Tezetdinov Str.
Phone: (+998 71) 248 09 00

Info used from "Arts & Culture program"