Museum of Geology, Tashkent

Address: 100060 Taras Shevchenko St. 11-a
Tel: (99871) 256-11-92 / (99871) 256-13-41
Schedule: Monday-Friday: 08:30-17:30 / Saturday: 08:30-15:00 Sunday: Not working

The Museum of Geology in Tashkent is the only such museum of its kind in Uzbekistan. Although opened in 1988, many of the priceless jewels and minerals on display are the findings of local geologists which date back to the early 1900s.

The Museum of Geology is based on the collections of a small museum of the former Geological Authority of Uzbekistan, an extensive compilation of materials gathered by geological organizations, private enterprises, educational institutions and famous geologists. Most of the materials amassed were unearthed in Uzbekistan and greater Central Asia, although international findings are also on display.

The gallery includes several halls which collectively showcase more than 25,000 exhibits that are open to visitors, including an assortment of minerals, precious stones, metals, fossils and other archaeological and paleontological finds. The exhibits are divided into 12 rooms arranged according to topic, including:

  • Mineralogy
  • History of Geology in Uzbekistan
  • Paleontology
  • Ancient Mining
  • Geological Exploration of the Kitab Nature Reserve

The Geological Museum was formed not only as a museum, but also as a training center for The State Committee of Uzbekistan on Geology and Mineral Resources. It welcomes groups of schoolchildren, curious tourists and field specialists alike and offers basic classes for students of geology and related specialties. The center also hosts periodic lectures on mineralogy, petrography, paleontology and related fields for students and employees of geological enterprises.

Since its establishment, the Museum of Geology in Tashkent has been showcasing the achievements of Uzbekistan in geological exploration while increasing interest in the field among the general population.