FC Pakhtakor Tashkent

Years fly away, but still there is the pain, we cannot stand it. The grief is overwhelming high above. Birds perish in the sky while flying. And you were lost on flight, oh dear "Pakhtakor". Your faces now are gone from us so far away beyond the skyline. Beyond the skyline of the earthborn life. "Pakhtakor", still in my dreams I see you. As though I was there flying next to you. Edward АVANESOV

For sure, hearing the name of Uzbek football many fans have associations with "Pakhtakor" - one of the most known clubs in the country. Sport history of this club counts already more than 56 years and for this time the team has managed to grow up many talented players, and also to continue successfully the sports activity. Football and "Pahtakor" are our past and present and these concepts are already inseparable. And how did it all begin?

History of football club "Pakhtakor"

Tashkent football club "Pahtakor" is one of the most known clubs of Uzbekistan, has been based on April, 8th, 1956. That day the first match of "Pahtakor" with the team of Molotov city has been led. During 36 seasons (1956-1991) club acted in various Superiority Leagues of the USSR, and since 1992 has become the indispensable participant of the Higher League of the championship of Uzbekistan. In 1959 football club "Pahtakor" has been enrolled in the Higher League of the USSR championship. In 1962 the team has taken an honorable 6 place in the USSR championship, but the next years the further successful raising of the team on a pedestal has not occurred. Only in 1964 FC "Pahtakor" under the direction of Alexander Abramov has achieved returning in the Higher League. The team has gone upwards: in 1971 "Pahtakor" again has got to the First League, and in a following season has returned to the Higher League, having won tournament of the First League. Thus, very strong and perspective structure which is known all over the Soviet Union - a football team "Pahtakor" has been built up to the end of 1970s. The club tried not to miss any important game and to reach the highest sports level.

FC "Pahtakor" tragedy 1979

Pakhtakor. Tashkent. August, 11th, 1979 - this date was remembered by the whole world as one of the most terrible. That day in the sky over Dneprodzerzhinsk two planes had accident at once. One of them carried out flight Tashkent-Minsk - there were 83 persons aboard, including 17 football players of the well-known Tashkent team "Pahtakor". The second plane followed from Chelyabinsk to Kishinev with 89 passengers and six crewmen onboard. As a result of collision of planes 178 persons were lost and among them there was also "Pahtakor" team - the best one for all history of the Tashkent club.

The tragedy of "Pahtakor" team became the most sorrowful news to the Uzbek football. August, 11th, 1979 became black date not only for players and trainers of Tashkent club "Pahtakor". The air crash of the well-known football players became tragedy for the whole world.

Owing to terrible tragedy, this year and also in the several following championships club "Pahtakor" has been strengthened by volunteers from other clubs. Also in regulations of the championship of the USSR on football has been brought the article on which within 3 years, without reference to results, "Pahtakor" kept a place in the Higher League of the Soviet football. The strongest players aspired to help their game to the team, and fans at stadium still loudly scanned in chorus: "Pahtakor". The photo of all of the lost members of the team has been carefully kept in the club, as well as in albums of numerous fans of the Uzbek football.

Much was written about "Pahtakors", about them altogether and about each of seventeen. Streets and schools were given their names.

Here is the list of "Pahtakor" players who were on that fatal flight: - Idgay Borisovich TAZETDINOV, coach (1/13/1933). - Michael Ivanovich AN, halfback (11/19/1952). - Vladimir Ivanovich FEDOROV, forward (1/5/1956). - Alim Masalievich АSHIROV, back (1/25/1955). - Ravil Rustamovich АGISHEV, back (3/14/1959). - Konstantin Aleksandrovich BAKANOV, halfback (5/25/1954). - Yury Timofeevich ZAGUMENNIH, back (6/7/1947). - Alexander Ivanovich KORCHYONOV, halfback (5/4/1949). - Nikolay Borisovich KULIKOV, back (4/25/1953). - Vladimir Vasilevich MAKAROV, halfback (3/9/1947). - Sergey Konstantinovich POKATILOV, goalkeeper (12/20/1950). - Victor Nikolaevich TCHURKIN, forward (1/25/1952). - Sirozhiddin Ahmedovich BAZAROV, forward (8/10/1961). - Shuhrat Musinovich ISHBUTAEV, forward (2/8/1959). - Vladimir Valievich SABIROV, forward (1/14/1958). - Vladimir Vasilevich ЧУМАКОВ, doctor of the team (12/8/1932). - Mansur Inamdzhanovich TALIBDJANOV, manager of the team (4/4/1944).

But the tragedy of "Pahtakor" has not passed invisible - every year, on that day relatives, friends of the gone football players, and also fans gather on the Botkinsky cemetery of Tashkent, so that reverence memory of talented players.

"Pahtakor" today

Today, when the huge attention is paid in Uzbekistan to football, for the majority of young men this sport becomes a real start for life. With a view of regulation and perfection in system of preparation of own resources, towards the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan № 338 "On additional measures to develop football in Uzbekistan" 5/1/2006, Academy FC "Pahtakor" which refills every day with new young football players has been created. Main objectives pursued by Academy are an education of healthy youth, formation of a healthy way of life, development of scientifically - methodical base for preparation of highly skilled sportsmen and qualitative preparation of a reserve for the main team of club, junior, teenager and Olympic national teams of Republic Uzbekistan. "Pahtakor" is still aimed at the same objective - to develop the brand of their football team all over the world.


Pakhtakor Markaziy Stadium was built in 1956 with capacity of 55.000 spectators. Stadium renovated in 1996. In July 2007 club management announced next renovation of stadium. Reconstruction works were finished in 2009, the amount of capacity was reduced to 35.000 and stadium became all-seater stadium. In January 2010, the stadium was chosen as best sporting facility 2009 of Uzbekistan.