Broadway Alley, Tashkent

Sayilgokh Street in Tashkent is better known by its nickname, Broadway Alley. The pedestrian thoroughfare connects two of the capital’s key attractions: Amir Timur Square, where the Amir Timur Museum is appropriately located, and Independence Square, Tashkent’s grandest park.

Empty and abandoned just a few decades ago, Broadway is again replete with activity and color, a favorite hangout and strolling area for residents and guests alike. A green pedestrian alley framed by perennial shade trees creates a cool oasis in the very heart of the city, while cultural activities, seasonal decorations and art and entertainment venues add a vibrant streak to the boulevard.

Broadway regularly doubles as a venue for art galleries, musical performers and amateur entertainers wishing to demonstrate their skills before an audience. Artists remain a permanent fixture on Broadway and offer everything from traditional Uzbek paintings to modern art, jewelry and old Soviet memorabilia. Browse the collections, purchase a finished painting or have a fun caricature of you and your friends drawn while you wait. Meanwhile, a large selection of souvenirs offers mementos for every taste and are sure to attract the attention of both casual and avid collectors.

Street musicians play a medley of their own compositions and popular hits, while illusionists surprise you with their tricks and dancers entertain with rhythmic, interactive numbers. Local entertainment venues also offer free performances during specialty fairs and public holidays.

The famous Zarafshan Concert Hall and the Poytaxt and Zarafshan Shopping Centers, where you can find international brands and local designer products, are all located along Broadway Alley. Tashkent’s tasty plov and other treats can be enjoyed at the numerous cafes, fast food kiosks, ice cream stands, coffee bars and hot waffle stalls which line the walkways, while restaurants, bars and night clubs are open well into the night.

Teenagers and older kids will love the bike and scooter rentals, ping-pong tables and telescope, while carousels, bounce houses, small rides and arcade games will keep even the smallest children entertained. Adults also enjoy spending their leisure time on Broadway, where games of checkers and chess can be played spontaneously with friends or with strangers who can quickly turn into new comrades.

Once the sun goes down, the street turns into a beautifully lit walkway of twinkling lights, the perfect backdrop for a Tashkent selfie. If you happen to be in town during a major holiday such as Independence Day (September 1st) or the weeks leading up to New Year, be sure not to miss the many holiday decorations and festivities organized at Broadway.

There are two theaters a short walking distance from Broadway: the Russian Academic Drama Theater and the Alisher Navoi Opera and Ballet Theater, named after Uzbekistan’s renowned poet.

Thanks to its fun and unique atmosphere, Broadway Alley in Tashkent remains one of the most memorable boulevards in the city.