Alayskiy Bazaar in Tashkent

Alay Bazaar, Tashkent

Located in the center of Tashkent, Alayskiy Bazaar (Oloy Bozori) was set up 150 years ago in the New Town. It is the most up-to-date, equipped and advanced bazaar in the city. Standing under the huge shelter, the bazaar's rows of stalls stretch as far as the eye can see. At this bazaar only first-class produce is on offer. Alayskiy Bazaar deals almost exclusively in choice fruit and vegetables. As you walk along the rows, you most likely will find no bruised tomatoes or wilted cucumbers.

The types of products on sale at Alayskiy Bazaar are practically the same as those you will see at other bazaars, however Alayskiy Bazaar is still unique. Only here can you can buy all varieties of meat and poultry, including turkey, goose and duck; button and oyster mushrooms grown in greenhouses; Caspian sturgeon and Far Eastern salmon. Moreover, this bazaar is the only place where it is possible to buy bundles of leafy birch twigs (called "venniki" in Russian) for stimulating massages in the Russian sauna ("banya").

Alayskiy Bazaar is certainly the least noisy and crowded bazaar in the city: it maintains its VIP status. The shoppers here are certainly friendly, but not meddlesome, without much pushing and shoving during shopping. Generally, vendors don't loudly hawk their produce and pressure you into buying after showing any interest. You might find it a bit disappointing, taking into consideration the traditions of an oriental bazaar, but there are many other bazaars full of this "exotic atmosphere"! Alayskiy Bazaar, first of all, boasts cleanliness, order, a convenient location and an effecient layout.