Yodgorlik Silk Factory in Margilan, Fergana Valley

During your journey in the Fergana Valley you can find a place in the silk Margilan town where you can see the whole silk making process first hand hand. Beautiful silk, cotton silk, Atlas, Adras, etc. in traditional and modern designs of very good quality can be found in the shop. And friendly people will show you everything.

The factory was founded in 1972, and it is the greatest in this area by volume of production and quality. From 1982 to 1993 it was owned as a public enterprise, and in 2000 it was privatized and named "Yodgorlik".

In 1996, four of the most productive workers were sent to India to take courses in "using natural dyes" by the British Council. This experience has been put to use extensively throughout the factory, since it was determined to be the best method for the dyers of this factory.

"Yodgorlik" is a factory whose production completely depends on handiwork, and so far has been considered the best and only one of its kind in Uzbekistan.

You can view the whole process of the production of silk fabrics from cocoons as you tour the factory. Here, workers weave such completely natural and authentic silk and cotton fabrics as Khan Atlas (Royal Silk), Adras, Shoyi (sometimes Shohi), Beqasam, Jujuncha, Bo'z etc., all completely by hand.

There are 450 people currently employed in this factory. 415 of them are ordinary workers, of whom women make up 60%. 25 workers work in the Sewing shops, 26 people are in the carpet shop, 40 of them in reeling, and 60 workers are responsible for maintenance of technical and engineering machinery.

There are 180 people working at the workshop where we prepare the base of all fabrics. Of these, 85 people are busy weaving products on the looms.

Approximately 6000 meters of fabrics are woven a month. 60% of it is made of pure natural silk, 25% is cotton - silk mixed and 15% is cotton fabrics. Pure natural silk fabrics are normally called Khan-Atlas (Royal Silk) and Shoyi (Shohy) and even their color patterns are individually named by shape and style.

Joining the cotton weft into the silk warp, we produce mixed fabrics called Adras, Jujuncha, and Beqasam. Today, we produce them under contract with many other countries. For example: South Korea, India, Iran, Russia and Germany. In addition, every day many travelers visit the Yodgorlik silk factory.