Palvan-Darvaza Gate, Khiva

Palvan-Darvaza, Khiva

Palvan-Darvaza means not only the eastern gates of Ichan Kala, but also a big shopping mall. In the 17th-18th centuries this place was occupied by the ancient gates with a prison. At Iltuzar-khan (1804-1806), and later at Allakuli-khan, the gates were built newly.

Proper arch gates with embrasures and side towers intersect the city wall. Behind the entrance arch there is a passage of dome shopping mall with shops and small bathhouse at sides.

Tim and Caravan-Serai of Allakuli-khan

In the 19th century Khiva developed intensive commercial contacts with Bukhara, Persia and Russia what required new trading areas. As the major markets were operating about the gates of Palvan-darvaza, Allakuli-khan built there a huge caravanserai in the 1830s. They had to breakthe Ichan Kala's wall near Tash-Hauli Palace to locate new caravanserai.

The caravanserai was a hotel for merchants and wholesale shop. Soon the main facade was added with dome shopping mall-tim. Its western and eastern facades were designed as city gates and faced with brick. Shaped brickwork decorated the corner towers.

Caravan-Serai of Allakuli-khan, Khiva