Palace of Nurullah-bai, Khiva

Palace of Nurullah-bai, Khiva The palace of Nurullah-bai is in the northwestern part of Dishan-Qala. It was built by Muhammad-Rahim-khan II for his son and heir Asfendiyar-khan from 1906-1912.

Palace of Nurullah-bai, KhivaAfter the Bukhara palace of Sitorai-Mohi-Hosa, the palace represents an eclectic mix of Khivan and European architecture.

The palace includes the reception hall of Asfendiyar-Khan, courtyard, living quarters and madrassah. German colonists participated in the decoration of the ceilings, windows and parquet. Decorative ceramic tiles were manufactured in Saint Petersburg.

Palace of Nurullah-bai, KhivaThe original interior of the Khan's reception room is decorated with carved ganch, gilding and multi-colored paintings.