Wine Tasting in Bukhara

Rubai of Harrabbat Wine Tasting

In the charming Caravansarai Nughai just next to the first trading dome, Taki Zarrafon, you get the opportunity to fall under the spell of Omar Khayyam, the famous poet who made wine one of the major themes of his many rubai poems.

Bukhara Wine Tasting, under the expertise of one of Uzbekistan's leading longstanding connoisseurs and oenologists, Mr. Jamal, is located in the left hand corner "cave" of the Caravan Saray, which has been lovingly restored with a sophisticated yet quaint atmosphere and appointed with fine glassware. You will be treated to a sampling of the red and white wines and exclusive brands of cognac and liqueurs that are Uzbekistan's very own. As you savor each sample, interesting background information is delivered by your passionate host.

By reservation, or stop by anytime from 10am to 7pm.