Kosh-Madrassah Ensemble, Bukhara

Modari-Khan Madrassah (1567)

Abdullah-khan II (1557-1597) from the Shaybanids built architectural ensemble of Kosh-Madrassah. It consists of two madrassah oppositely set. The first is Madrassah of Modari-khan. It was constructed around 1567 in honour of Abdullah-khan's mother.

The second was constructed in 1588-1590 and named after Abdullah-khan. The front facade of Modari-khan Madrassah is richly decorated with polychromic brick mosaics. Majolica exposes pictures of flower buds.

The facade is decorated with fantastic geometrical patterns. The rectangular courtyard has one avian having portal with niche. There are two-storied loggias and hudjras behind them in the court yard.

Abdullah-khan Madrassah (1588-1590)

Architecturally, Abdullah-khan Madrassah is more complex than Madrassah of Modari-khan. The entrance hall forms a gallery with two passages to the court yard. Mosque and classrooms (darskhana) are located in the gallery.

The mosque is located at angle with major building. It was done to focus a praying niche (mihrab) right to Mecca. The inner courtyard has four aivans with high portals.

Majolica was used instead of polychromic mosaic for facing. Geometrical patterns of five, eight and nine-point stars originally decorated the dome.