Aral Sea Tours

Aral sea tours

Aral Sea tours offer a captivating journey into one of the globe's most dramatic ecological disaster zones. Over the past 60 years, this once vast body of water has shrunk by nearly 90%, transforming a flourishing oasis into pockets of hyper-saline water amidst an expansive desert. This stark transformation, though tragic, has become a magnet for intrepid travelers from across the world.

Beyond the environmental narrative, Aral Sea tours provide a window into the region's historical tapestry. Visitors can explore haunting remnants such as the ship graveyard, traverse the vast stretches of the Ustyurt plateau, and discover various historical landmarks.

Venturing into the Aral Sea region is not a journey for the casual traveler. It demands a spirit of adventure, as one must navigate extensive stretches of untamed former seabed, contend with swirling salt dust and relentless winds. Yet, for those who rise to its challenges, the experience stands as a poignant reminder of nature's power and vulnerability, making Aral Sea tours a truly unparalleled experience.

Discover Muynak and Yurt Camp Tour Discover Muynak and Yurt Camp Tour
2 Days | April-October | Nukus, Muynak, Mizdakhan, Gyaur Kala
Discover Muynak and Yurt Camp tour is an excellent opportunity to uncover the secrets of the Aral Sea area.
Two-day Aral Sea Tour Two-day Aral Sea Tour
from US$ 299
2 Days | Spring, summer, autumn | Muynak, Ustyurt Plateau, Aral Sea, Kurgancha Kala, Sudochie lake, Kungrad, Mizdakhan, Gyaur-Kala

The unfortunate history of the Aral Sea becomes reality in Karakalpakstan, an autonomous republic in western Uzbekistan that’s home to a plethora of monuments, diverse desert landscapes and the rich cultural heritage of the Karakalpak people. The Aral Sea Tour packs a combination of historical, architectural, natural and cultural stops and is designed for adventurers, historical enthusiasts and fans of exotic photography.

Pristine Aral Sea and Karakalpak Nature Tour Pristine Aral Sea and Karakalpak Nature Tour
3 Days | Spring, summer, autumn | Barsa Kelmes, Sudochie Lake, Aral Sea, Ustyurt Plateau, Muynak, Mizdakhhan, Gyaur Kala
Pristine Aral Sea and Karakalpak Nature Tour is a wonderful opportunity to combine sightseeing, history, and delicious cuisine.