Kazakhstan Visa Information

NOTE! Document lists, terms and dates of Visa preparation and Consular fees may be changed according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan regulations. OrexCA.com does not carry responsibility for non-fulfillment of Visa support by the consular sections of embassies in a timely manner, nor is OrexCA.com responsible for Visa rejection. Should the Customer cancel the paid order, Visa support services shall be automatically terminated.

You must have a tourist visa in order to travel within Kazakhstan (for citizens of Turkey visa is not required). Tourist visa is being issued the embassy of Kazakhstan after reception of invitation letter, which is given by a tourist agency on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan. However, citizens of many countries do not require invitations for single-entry tourist visa, see list below.

In order to provide visa support, the following information is needed: Name, father's name, sex, date of birth and place of birth, passport number with issue and expiry dates, citizenship, nationality, permanent address, place of work and position, place where application will be submitted, period of stay in Kazakhstan, quantity of entries to Kazakhstan, place of stay in Kazakhstan, route, purpose of arrival (tourism or business), means of transportation (flight number or train, date of arrival and departure).

Delivery terms of visa support (not including period to receive visa at embassy of Kazakhstan) for citizens of the following countries: Australia, Austria, Andorra, Argentina, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Vatican, the Great Britain, Hungary, Greece, Denmark, Israel, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Canada, Cyprus, Costa Rica, Cuba, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Malaysia, Monaco, Holland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, South Korea, Romania, San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, the USA, Uruguay, Finland, France, Germany, Chile, Switzerland, Sweden, Croatia, Estonia, the Republic of South Africa, Jamaica, Japan - is within 6-7 working days after all necessary information has been collected.

Delivery terms of visa support for citizens of other countries:

Within 10-12 days after all necessary information has been collected.

Urgent invitation for travelers and standard visa are processed within 5 working days.

Visa support through the MFA in Almaty for a visa on arrival at the airport takes 5 working days too.

Customers may receive Kazakhstan transit visa (at the embassy of Kazakhstan in Almaty) airport without invitation, as long as they have visa and through air or railway tickets to a third country.

Terms of entry to Kazakhstan for foreign citizens:

1. Passport validity of at least 3 months after the supposed date of departure; 2. Tickets and documents for departure and further travel; 3. Visa; 4. Medical injections are not required.

Documents needed to get a visa to Kazakhstan for foreign citizens: 1. Valid passport; 2. Visa application; 3. Passport size photos (2); 4. Letter from employer, specifying the purpose of the trip and guaranteeing financial support during the trip; 5. Official invitation from authorized tourist agency of Kazakhstan.

Agency should be registered in Kazakhstan. Name, date and place of visit should be indicated in a letter of invitation. Agency should also have the approval with your name sent by Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan for Kazakh embassy.

To receive a Kazakh visa the following information is necessary: 1. Full Name; 2. Date of birth; 3. Sex; 4. Nationality; 5. Passport number; 6. Issued date of passport; 7. Expiry date of passport; 8. Route (cities); 9. Dates of entry, departure (depending on type of the required visa); 10. Place of stay; 11. Home phone number; 12. Work phone number; 13. Place of work; 14. Position; 15. Embassy/consulate (country, city) in order to submit application.

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