Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan

Geographical coordinates: 45°01′0″N 78°22′0″E
Former names: Gavrilovka, Taldy-Kurgan
Elevation: 600 m
Popular languages: Kazakh, Russian
Population: 145 403 (2019), www.stat.gov.kz
Nationals: Kazakh, Russian, Tatar, Korean
Time zone: UTC +5
Phone code: +7 7282
Zip code: 040000
Automobile codes: 05

117,000 people live in Taldykorgan, representing 70 nationalities. It is located in the geographical center of the Semirechye (Seven rivers) and carries a special geopolitical value for the country. The branched network of highways of national and regional importance lead to Almaty, Ust Kamenogorsk, Ushtobe, and the republics of Central Asia, Russia and China.

The airport has its own local aircraft, and may accept and serve planes of the 3rd and 4th classes with a take-off weight up to 70 tons. Flights depart from here to more than 10 cities of Kazakhstan and Russia.

The railway station has an outlet to Central Kazakhstan, Central Asia, Russia, the Baltic states and China.

Taldykorgan city. Kazakhstan photosThe basic economy of Taldykorgan is in industrial production, the base of which was created with on account of its favorable transport and geographic position. There are in total 24 basic industrial enterprises in the city, 5 of which are occupied in processing of materials. Additionally, there are 48 mini-factories. The livestock of all types of cattle and birds has increased in the last few years, as has production of grain and industrial crops, sugar beets, potatoes and vegetables.

There are 4 main truck transport companies in the city, and 6 for passengers.

12 automatic telephone stations and an electronic international - intercity station represent city telecommunications. The combined capacity makes up 38 thousand telephone numbers, out of which 25 thousand have been activated. The automatic telegraph station "Miroglav" enables us to connect to the international network "Telex". The residents of Taldykorgan have access to the Internet.

Taldykorgan city. Kazakhstan photosOne university, two institutes, 7 special educational institutions, 3 technical training colleges, 23 comprehensive schools, and 10 kindergartens function in the education system. The network of public health services in total counts 27 treatment centers.

There is a drama theatre, 2 amusement parks, libraries and cinemas in the city. A stadium with 5 thousand seats, a sport complex, 5 pools, and more than 30 sports halls for physical and sport training.

Many new splendid buildings have appeared. The sport complex "Orken", with swimming pools and sports halls, the "Zhetysu" stadium, and the "Atameken" cinema have been completely repaired.

Every day new shops, cafes, discos and business clubs, appear, which provide the population and its visitors with all the necessities.

Monuments, arches, stele and billboards are appeared. New lighting illuminates streets and buildings. Green park regions have been enlarged, trees have been planted in the city, and transport infrastructure improved.

The embankment of the Karatal River has become the centerpiece of the city. In the evening, lanterns illuminate it, and lovers meet on the bridge under a wonderful arch.

Taldykorgan city. Kazakhstan photosHowever, there are still many necessary things remaining. The "Ramstor" mall and a small town "Disneyland" are being constructed in the "Zhastar" and "Pobeda" parks, an aqua park in the area of the city pool, and the technical park "Fantaziya" are all under construction.

The mood of the population has improved. As with all regional centers, Taldykorgan is becoming a normal, blooming and growing city.