Kazakhstan Tourism

Kazakhstan Tourism

At the crossroad of the worlds, in the center of Eurasia!

Tourism in Kazakhstan has grown significantly in the past decade, and today there is something for virtually everyone. Activities and sight-worthy destinations await you in every region of this sprawling land!

While for many years the world was largely unaware of Kazakhstan, tourism in this country has greatly evolved in the 21st century. Kazakhstan is a country located in the heart of Eurasia, where ancient meets modern and oriental traditions coexist with Western culture. The centuries-old culture and unique nature of the region provides for an unforgettable experience for travelers young and old.

Kazakhstan Tourism: Attractions and Destinations

Turkestan, Kazakhstan
Mausoleum of Rabia Sultan Begim in Turkestan
Astana, Kazakhstan
Palace of Peace and Reconciliation in Astana

We know that travelers to Kazakhstan are as diverse as the nation itself, and so we offer a variety of Kazakhstan Tourism Packages to suit the varied interests of our clients. Whether you’re a solo traveler looking to join one of our group tours to Kazakhstan or are traveling with friends or family, our desire is to provide a tour to best suit your needs.

Adventure Tourism

Horse Games, Kazakhstan
Kazakh Horse Games
Altyn-Emel, Kazakhstan
Altyn Emel National Park

Adventure tours will take you to unique and out-of-the-way places in Kazakhstan – think an Aral Sea Tour by Plane, a trek through the Arak Karakum desert or a tour of Baikonur International Space station, where the Earth’s first artificial satellite and the first man into space were both launched.

Hiking, sailing, swimming and rock-climbing are available at many national parks and around the region of Almaty. Try the traditional Kazakh sport of falcon hunting, go horseback riding through the national parks or bike through the sparsely-populated steppe.

Nature Tourism

Nature of Kazakhstan
Ili river
Poppy Field, Kazakhstan
Poppy field

With over 25 national parks and one of the largest steppes in the world, Kazakhstan is a prime destination spot for nature lovers. One of the most popular resorts for locals and Kazakhstan tourists alike is “Borovoye”, a.k.a. "Kazakh Switzerland”, a haven of rest amidst breathtaking nature.

Kazakhstan is also home to Lake Balkhash, one of the world’s largest lakes, and the Karaghiye Depression, the second lowest land area on our planet at some 132 meters below sea level.

In the region around Almaty are Big Almaty Lake, Medeo and Charyn Canyon, perfect for a day trip or overnight excursion. The Karkarala mountain forest oasis, Altai Mountain range, impressive Boszhira Valley chalk cliffs and numerous rivers and lakes all beckon tourists into a world of endless exploration.

Cultural and Eco-Tourism

Traditional Kazakh Family
Kazakh family in national dress
A Kazakh Girl in Traditional Clothing
Traditional dance costumes of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan tourism is increasingly becoming geared towards eco-tourism. Whether camping out in a yurt (the traditional home of the nomadic Kazakh people), traveling cross-country on an overnight train, visiting popular sites alongside local religious pilgrims or spending time in the country’s ever-developing cities, you will find endless opportunities to explore the cultural side of Kazakhstan.

Take a tour of the Kazakhstan capital city Astana where you can view amazing architecture and ride to the top of the Bayterek Monument, the most famous man-made site in Kazakhstan. Almaty, the cultural capital of the country, is home to places such as President’s Park, the Folk Musical Instruments of Kazakhstan Museum or the famous Ascension Cathedral in the center of the old city. The city of Shymkent is modern while retaining a distinctly Turkic flair, and delicious Kazakh and Uzbek national dishes are served here in abundance.

Historical Tourism

Turkestan, Kazakhstan
Khoja Ahmed Yassawi Mausoleum in Turkestan
Holy Cauldron Taikazan in Turkestan, Kazakhstan
Holy Cauldron "Taikazan"

Kazakhstan holds many little-known yet significant historical landmarks. Numerous archaeological and ethnographic sites can be found here, including the ancient cities of Otrar and Sayram. The Tamgaly petroglyphs hold over 5,000 drawings, some dating back millennia.

Southern Kazakhstan bears the footprints of the ancient Silk Road in cities such as Turkestan and Taraz. Visit the 14th century historical complex of Hoja Ahmad Yassaviy in Turkestan, or one of the many historical museums throughout the country.

Day Tours

Shymkent Local Museum, Kazakhstan
Museum exposition in Shymkent
Eagle Hunting, Kazakhstan
Eagle hunting

For more independent travelers simply looking for shorter guided tours, OrexCA offers day tours of Kazakhstan’s most popular cities and sites. Check out our guided tours in and around Almaty , Astana, Shymkent, Turkestan, Aktau and Mangyshlak.

Multi-Country Tours

Kazakh Hospitality
"Shubat" drinking in a yurt
Folk Festival, Kazakhstan
Folk Festival

Your travels don’t have to end in Kazakhstan. For those interested in a longer or more diverse tour of Central Asia, we offer the Silk Road Tour of the major sites in three countries, a Capitals of Central Asia Tour or a grand tour of all five Stans. You can also go on a Short Uzbekistan Tour or Samarkand Tour from the southern Kazakhstan city of Shymkent.